Italy is in uproar as Benito Mussolini’s heir demands for a referendum on fascist monuments.


Italy is in uproar as Benito Mussolini’s heir demands for a referendum on fascist monuments.

OUTRAGE has erupted in Italy after a minister was forced to resign over his proposal to name a park after Benito Mussolini’s brother. The dictator’s descendant has backed the proposal.

After making a stir by suggesting that a park in his hometown be renamed after the brother of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, an Italian economy undersecretary resigned. Claudio Durigon, a member of the right-wing Lega, stated earlier this month that his party was committed to restoring Arnaldo Mussolini’s original name to the park in Latina, a city of roughly 120,000 people in central Italy.

Arnaldo was a journalist who assisted in the creation of the Italian fascist propaganda campaign. In 1931, he died of a heart attack.

Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, two senior anti-mafia magistrates assassinated by the Sicilian mafia in 1992, were honored by a renaming of the park in 2017.

Latina was formed during fascist administration in 1932 and is linked to Mussolini.

Durigon spoke with Lega leader Matteo Salvini at a rally, telling supporters, “That is our history that someone tried to annul by changing the name of that park.”

“It must revert to being the Mussolini park,” he continued.

His remarks provoked a political backlash, with centre-left parties in the national unity government, including the Lega, threatening to file a no-confidence resolution in the undersecretary unless he resigned.

Mr Durigon quit on Thursday night, admitting he had made a mistake and apologizing to the relatives of mafia victims, as the issue raged on.

“I’ve never been a Fascist, but I’m sorry,” the Latina-born MP said in his resignation letter.

He expressed regret to mafia victims and their families.

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Matteo Salvini attempted to defend Mr Durigon at first, but came under fire from members of his own party who were offended to see one of their own MPs allegedly celebrating Mussolini’s legacy.

He described Mr Durigon’s criticisms as “typical left-wing polemics.”

According to reports, Premier Mario Draghi used moral suasion to persuade Matteo Salvini to change his mind.

In opinion polls, the Lega is competing with the far-right Brothers of Italy for first place.

Mr Salvini expressed gratitude to Mr Durigon for standing down and stated that he will remain in Lega.

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