It will never happen in the United Kingdom! The EU laughs in Lord Frost’s face at the threat of Article 16.


It will never happen in the United Kingdom! The EU laughs in Lord Frost’s face at the threat of Article 16.

Lord Frost’s threats to trigger a safeguard clause in the Brexit accord governing commerce in Northern Ireland have been ignored by Brussels.

If the UK or the EU believe the conditions have been met, Article 16 permits them to take severe measures to reduce the Protocol’s impact, effectively tearing up portions of the accord reached by both parties.

However, Lord Frost informed the Conservative Party Conference on Monday that the bar for invoking Article 16, which would effectively rip sections of the accord apart, has been satisfied.

Full legal texts have been produced to override the protocol, which went into effect ten months ago, according to the Brexit minister on Monday.

These measures are expected to be presented to the European Commission later this week, according to the Express.

Lord Frost asked the European Commission to be more “ambitious” in their approach, emphasizing that “tinkering at the edges” will not solve the core issues with the post-Brexit Northern Ireland solution.

However, European Commission sources claimed on Sunday night that the UK government was simply making “unhelpful political threats.”

“We want to try and find answers to the Protocol and are willing to work cooperatively to achieve this,” a Brussels source added.

“However, the UK’s threats to use Article 16 are hardly cooperative.”

The Irish government has also indicated that it does not expect Britain to invoke the provision, with Ministers emphasizing that doing so would jeopardize UK-EU confidence.

“My sense is that the British government is not going to invoke Article 16,” Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney told RTE.

“It would be a really difficult step backward in relationships between the UK government and EU institutions at a time when we are actually attempting to create trust,” she said.

In the next weeks, the European Commission is expected to present a package of measures aimed at resolving the Northern Ireland Protocol’s issues.

These are expected to entail significant modifications to the region’s licensing and distribution of drugs, as well as adjustments to the bloc’s own legislation.

The Northern Ireland Protocol, which is part of the Brexit deal, aims to maintain Northern Ireland in the EU’s single market for goods, avoiding a hard border with Ireland.

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