‘It was really odd,’ Queen says of her ’10 minutes of awkward quiet’ with Shawn Mendes.


‘It was really odd,’ Queen says of her ’10 minutes of awkward quiet’ with Shawn Mendes.

QUEEN ELIZABETH II and Shawn Mendes shared an awkward ten-minute pause on an American talk program, which the musical sensation said was “very odd.”

Mr Mendes revealed the details of his new single, Summer Of Love, which will be released on August 20 and includes Tainy from Puerto Rico.

Summer Of Love was initially teased by the singer-songwriter on Instagram four days ago, when he posted a video of him driving around Mallorca at sunset with a teaser of the song playing in the background. The song is a follow-up to Mr Mendes’ 2020 album Wonder, which featured the Top 10 smash Monster, which he co-wrote with Justin Bieber.

The Canadian heartthrob, who just turned 23 on Sunday, has already racked up 11 Top 40 hits on the UK Official Singles Charts, including the Number 1 singles Stitches and Senorita.

Mr Mendes, then 19 years old, performed for the Queen at the Royal Albert Hall as part of a star-studded program that included Sting and Sir Tom Jones as part of the monarch’s 92nd birthday celebrations in 2018.

Mr Mendes later revealed his embarrassing backstage experience with the Queen on Ellen DeGeneres’ show Ellen.

“It was insane,” Mr Mendes added.

“I’m in the backstage area, waiting for you to go on stage, when the Queen came over to me.

“I’m staring at her, but you’re speechless.

“You can’t speak to her unless she speaks to you first, so there was only a ten-minute awkward silence between me and the Queen.

“She didn’t look at me at all; I glanced over a few times and thought to myself, ‘I probably shouldn’t be staring.’

“It was quite strange.”

Prince William, the future king, as well as Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, were also in attendance for the Queen’s 92nd birthday celebrations, and Mr Mendes confessed he was star-struck by the couple.

“This is going to be my worst regret for the rest of my life,” Mendes stated.

“I was walking down the corridors and saw them discussing in one of the rooms.

“Because Meghan is Canadian, I thought to myself, ‘This is amazing – I can go say hello — she’s Canadian.’

“I strolled in with this self-assurance, but the moment they saw me approaching, my entire body went numb.”

The singer turned around and walked away, saying he had made a mistake. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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