‘It no longer feels right!’ Boris Johnson’s Freedom Day address has been canceled due to a large turnout.


‘It no longer feels right!’ Boris Johnson’s Freedom Day address has been canceled due to a large turnout.

After the UK had a coronavirus outbreak that rivaled the dreadful January outbreak, BORIS JOHNSON has canceled plans for a “Churchill”-style triumph speech to commemorate Freedom Day.

From Monday, July 19, practically all Covid restrictions, such as mandatory facemasks, social distancing, and travel quarantining from amber-list countries, will be lifted. Case numbers are soaring as many establishments prepare to reopen to a Covid-free public, according to the Department of Health, which registered over 54,000 new cases on Saturday.

The Prime Minister had intended to give a speech in the style of Winston Churchill to commemorate the historic lifting of the national lockdown, according to the Daily Mail.

The event, according to a government source, “no longer feels acceptable” since the number of cases continues to rise across the country.

“The intention had been for Boris to declare victory against the virus by channeling the spirit of Churchill and using sufficiently passionate rhetoric,” the person claimed.

“That doesn’t seem right anymore.”

Mr Johnson has stated that the long-awaited Freedom Day will be “prudent but irrevocable.”

Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, on the other hand, called the situation “extremely severe” and predicted another lockdown this autumn.

If the number of cases continues to rise in September, he says, “I think we’ll have to reassess.”

Despite the fact that Covid infections are increasing at an unprecedented rate, the virus’s death toll has remained extremely low.

According to data dated July 16, the UK had only 44 daily deaths out of 46,763 new cases.

Mr Johnson’s address has been canceled just days after Health Secretary Sajid Javid was reported to have tested positive for the virus despite being fully vaccinated.

After feeling “a little groggy” the night before, Mr Javid said he took the initial lateral flow test on Saturday morning.

The Liberal Democrats’ health spokesman, Munira Wilson, said the Health Secretary’s positive test underscored the need for the government to reconsider its plans for July 19.

“This demonstrates that no one is immune to this devastating virus,” she stated.

“By removing all constraints and increasing the number of cases, they are playing with people’s lives.

“Right now, they’re pursuing a survival of the fittest strategy, leaving the young and clinically weak defenseless.”


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