‘It isn’t true!’ says BBC anchor, shutting down Tory social care denial.


‘It isn’t true!’ says BBC anchor, shutting down Tory social care denial.

Jo Coburn, host of BBC POLITICS Live, has slammed Conservative MP Alex Chalk over the government’s new social care plans.

Ms. Coburn put the Conservative MP on the spot with a graph depicting the impact of the government’s social care budget cap on various income levels. The graphic depicted how much money a person would be left with if the new recommendations were implemented. The BBC anchor emphasized that, according to the split, persons with fewer assets would be hit the most, as opposed to those with more assets.

Mr Chalk, Ms Coburn said: “This is a pretty clear visual depicting what happens to those who are less wealthy or have fewer or less valuable assets than those who are much wealthier.

“How much would the government’s new proposal leave me with?

“So, if you look here, and I’ll read it to you, if you start with assets of £100,000, say approximately £100,000, you’ll be left with £20,000 if you have to pay up to £86,000 for your care.

“Now you’re left with almost nothing.”

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“Most or many people’s assets are tied up in their home,” she continued.

“How else will they be able to pay for it other selling their house?”

Starting says that if you have more, say £270,000, you’ll be left with £184,000, which is a substantially larger share of the £270,000.

“If you start with £500,000 in assets, you’ll be left with virtually all of it (£414,000), opposed to losing almost everything if you start with £100,000.

“Does the Prime Minister and you need to be more clearer and more honest when it comes to exactly what circumstances people may end up having to sell their most valuable possession to pay for their care?” the BBC anchor added.

“Everyone is better off under this arrangement,” Mr Chalk responded.

After LBC broadcaster Iain Dale questioned the Labour Party’s alternative to the Government’s changes, it was the turn of Shadow Social Care Minister to be grilled on social care on Tuesday.

Mr Dale put Ms Kendall on the spot after she made a litany of vague demands, including a “major reform of services,” describing her response as “soundbitey.”

Ms. Kendall explained: “Staff shortages would be addressed by true social care reform.

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