‘It has nothing to do with the query!’ As the BBC broadcaster slams grade inflation, Williamson stumbles.


‘It has nothing to do with the query!’ As the BBC broadcaster slams grade inflation, Williamson stumbles.

EDUCATION Secretary Gavin Williamson refused to directly respond to a torrent of questions after being given with quotes from test boards and colleague ministers concerned about grade inflation as a result of Mr Williamson’s scheme awarding record levels of top grades.

Gavin Williamson was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 by Nick Robinson, who requested an explanation for fears of grade inflation as a result of the scrapping of exams in favor of instructors issuing marks themselves. The U-turn came as it became clear that holding exams in the midst of the pandemic would be impossible, with many critics claiming that professors issuing grades would not accurately reflect achievement. Mr Williamson was asked for his thoughts on the subject, but instead of responding, he began to talk about the students’ “tough” year.

Mr Robinson brought up comments made by School Minister Nick Gibb, who expressed worries over teacher-awarded grades, on BBC Radio 4.

“There could potentially be major discrepancies across schools in terms of expected grades in the eyes of companies and universities,” he warned.

“So, if there is now a situation where about half of young people receive an A or an A star, haven’t you brought about exactly what your own Schools Minister cautioned against?”

“You know, this year is a year that we can’t properly compare to any other year,” Mr Williamson said, appearing to ignore the question.

“No other cohort of pupils has ever been unable to enter the classroom for an extended period of time.

“Not just once, but twice, and we’ve seen people have a variety of reactions.

“I know that my children who live near Wolverhampton have had greater disruption in their education since they have had to self-isolate…”

“But it has nothing to do with the issue I asked you, which is about grade inflation,” Mr Robinson interjected, directing the conversation back to the original topic of grade inflation.

“Let me add another remark from AQA’s former chief examiner; these people understand what you’re saying about the difficulty of this year.

“It was mentioned to the telegraph that thinking that everyone receives an A* is right is condescending and disrespectful to students.”

Mr Williamson was questioned once more what he was up to. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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