‘It can kill you!’ says the volcano on La Palma. As the lava strikes the water, toxic LAZE billows out.


‘It can kill you!’ says the volcano on La Palma. As the lava strikes the water, toxic LAZE billows out.

HARMFUL fumes have begun to billow from the volcano on the island of La Palma as it approaches the sea. Only one person died the last time the volcano erupted in 1971, and it was due to inhalation of the deadly vapors.

When the molten rock dropped from a 100-meter-high cliff and collided with the ocean, it emitted a plume of black smoke. A two-nautical-mile exclusion zone has been imposed around the area where the lava is likely to enter the sea, and inhabitants in the area have been advised not to leave their houses. The island saw 29 earthquakes yesterday, with magnitudes ranging from 2-3.3 on the Richter scale. Inhalation of the volcano’s deadly fumes killed one man when it last erupted in 1971.

“The eruption is not stabilized at all,” a Pevolca spokeswoman stated. “It continues in a dynamic that is beyond our control.”

Four neighborhoods around the volcano are still under lockdown due to fears of dangerous gas leaks.

To generate donations for those impacted by the volcano, the Spanish Football Federation will sell off charred shirts from the Spanish national team.

The lava from La Palma’s volcano has reached the sea in the same location as when it erupted in 1949.

There were no casualties in 1949, and there have been none so far in the current eruption.

However, this was not the case with the 1971 volcano, which reached the sea at a different location and killed one man due to poisonous gas inhalation.

The lava flows into the sea in this video.

The colas continue to fall into the sea, and the General Directorate of the Marina Mercante is maintaining vigilance with @Salvamentogob in the no-navigation zone between La Bombilla and 0.2 kilometers south of Tazacorte. #DGMM #Erupciu00f3nLaPalma pic.twitter.com/SX5HeBNpii #DGMM #Erupciu00f3nLaPalma La Cabildo de La Palma reported on Twitter that the air in La Palma is ‘absolutely’ breathable.

They claim that sensors used to detect the presence of gases have not detected any that could be dangerous.


The eruption has had no effect on the air quality, which is perfectly safe to breathe. The devices for measuring the presence of gases take periodic measurements of this parameter and have not recorded any values that are considered harmful. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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