Isn’t that the United Kingdom? Macron is bracing for a revolt as France struggles with driver shortages.


Macron braces for rebellion as France suffers from a driver shortage.

The government of Emmanuel Macron has refused to guarantee a wage increase for the transport sector, resulting in a shortage of lorry drivers in France.

Following Brexit, the United Kingdom isn’t the only country experiencing a driver shortage.

In France, the profession is one of the struggling sectors.

Companies are grappling with the industry’s lack of appeal, which is exacerbated by low wages.

According to Patrice Clos, secretary general of FO Transports, the country currently has a shortage of 60 to 65,000 truck drivers.

Workers have been offered a 5% wage increase, as well as a better health and provident fund, as well as more guarantees on social protection and even long-term sick leave.

However, on Thursday, negotiations came to a halt.

“Transport workers need a strong signal from their employers,” the five unions said on Wednesday. “This necessitates a revaluation that is not the crumbs they want to throw us.”

They all demanded at least a 10% raise, with some even asking for a 13th month.

“If inflation continues, we are not immune from another automatic increase in the minimum wage, which would once again put all of our grids below it, including with the proposed employer of a 5% salary increase,” they continued.

“How are we still here after two years?”

A leading trade union in the United Kingdom has warned that “constantly relaxing” regulations for lorry drivers could lead to more workers leaving the industry due to ongoing staff shortages.

As a result of an increase in sick leave, Unite, which represents tens of thousands of HGV drivers, said the government was conducting a “snap” consultation exercise on extending the relaxation of driving regulations from Sunday for another four weeks.

Donald Trump’s social media platform, known as the ‘App of Lies,’ has been blasted.

Due to a “chronic” shortage of drivers, lorry drivers’ driving hours have been gradually reduced since last July, according to Unite.

“The Government is increasingly resembling a one trick pony when it comes to dealing with lorry driver shortages and is intent on pursuing a policy that has no regard for the health of drivers or the safety of road users,” said General Secretary Sharon Graham.

“Rather than constantly relaxing driving regulations, the government should start addressing the long-term issues.

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