Is this really what Harry and Meghan want you to read? BALDWIN, PAUL.


Is this really what Harry and Meghan want you to read? BALDWIN, PAUL.

HARRY and Meghan don’t appreciate it when we snarky journalists criticize the way they live their lives in the public eye. Indeed, they have taken moves that appear to be intended at putting us in our place in this regard.

One such step appears to restrict me from going any further with this explanation. Whatever. That’s Harry and Megs all over again, expecting 1950s-style royal obeisance despite doing nothing to merit it, such as being royal or performing royal tasks. Anyway, in the spirit of the non-royals’ fantasies of a better future where their every move is hailed by a thankful press on behalf of the appreciative public they are only trying to convert into better human beings, I decided I’d best report on the pair’s recent comings and goings. Harry and Megs deserve kudos! Is there anything this altruistic pair won’t go through to provide Her Majesty with a well-deserved break? (And, in the process, teach the rest of us some long-overdue lessons!) Put your feet up, Your Majesty, and let H&M handle the heavy lifting. Don’t worry, these two will never pass up an opportunity to improve others merely by pointing out their flaws.

This week, our favorite non-royals lavished their “royal” treatment on New York City.

And, my my, what a therapy! This journey has it everything, from tear-jerking moments at the 9/11 memorial to selflessly sharing their expertise with UN and WHO specialists to patting severely poor, but very lovely, schoolkids on the head.

If you didn’t know any better, you’d believe it was being choreographed for a Netflix mini-series!

With New York Governor Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, the tour began with a visit to the One World Trade Center, which was built after the Twin Towers were attacked.

It’s unclear whether Mayor Bill gives personal tours to every visitor to NYC, but he’s known for campaigning against inequality and poverty, so perhaps he wanted to demonstrate how a couple who previously relied on government handouts could pull themselves up by their bootstraps with a little good old American elbow grease! Congratulations, Harry and Megs! The bosses had a pow-wow after that. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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