Is there going to be another heat wave? The UK will experience 26°C temperatures with ‘sunnier spells.’


Is there going to be another heat wave? The UK will experience 26°C temperatures with ‘sunnier spells.’

Weather-wise, August has been a washout, but summer isn’t done yet, according to the most recent weather forecast. Is there going to be another heat wave this summer?

August has been a letdown in comparison to the warmth that swept the United Kingdom earlier this summer. However, there is some hope that summer will provide us with one last scorching period. Although no heatwaves are expected, Brits may see some warmer weather and sunny periods as August draws to a close.

Temperatures are expected to be “pleasantly warm” this week, according to forecasters.

“There’s a lot of fine and dry weather on the menu through the rest of August and into early September – a pleasant change for many after what’s been a dismal and miserable few weeks, weather-wise,” John Hammond and Sara Thornton of told This website.

“Temperatures will not be exceptionally high for most people, but they will be nice in the sunny periods. In most cases, this translates to temperatures in the low 20s.

“However, some of the greatest temperatures are likely to be found in northwest Britain’s sheltered valleys and glens.

“For example, in portions of northwest England and western Scotland, temperatures as high as 25 or 26 degrees Celsius are likely for a short time.

“There are some pockets of cloud floating around, such as in regions of the Midlands and North Wales. And it will be colder beneath this cloud.”

Temperatures aren’t forecast to be as high after midweek, but many people are expecting a dry bank holiday.

“After midweek, a cold front will bring a minor decreasing trend in temperatures,” the forecasts added.

“However, with high pressure in charge for the rest of the holiday weekend, most of us should expect plenty of dry weather.

“Nothing lasts forever, particularly dry weather in the United Kingdom.

“There are indicators that conditions will become more unsettled later next week, with a distinct early fall feel as we move deeper into September, confirming the ‘Back to School’ theme.

“However, while not a heatwave, the next few days of pleasant weather should be really welcome.”

According to the Met Office’s long-range forecast, high pressure will dominate the weather from August 28 to September 6, resulting in “fine and settled” conditions.

“The last weekend in August and into September is likely to be dominated by high pressure, resulting in fine and settled weather over the.”Brinkwire Summary News”, according to the Met Office prediction.


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