‘Is there anything else?’ Insulate Britain’s fury is used to excuse preventing a woman from reaching her sick mother.


‘Is there anything else?’ Insulate Britain’s fury is used to excuse preventing a woman from reaching her sick mother.

AN INSULATE BRITAIN activist became enraged after a reporter questioned why her group was preventing a desperate lady from visiting her mother in hospital.

Tracey Mallaghan launched a savage assault on LBC’s Rachel Venables, claiming “what else is left” to do as the group launched their eleventh day of action, causing traffic mayhem near the Blackwall Tunnel and across London, leaving a distraught woman unable to contact her mother in hospital.

“What about the woman a few cars back who can’t get to her mother who could be dying in hospital right now!” Ms Venables slammed.

What happened to that woman, what happened to that family?”

The protester recognized that holding the distraught woman up is “really heartbreaking,” but she was resolute in her opinion that the group was doing the right thing.

“What about the future generation who relies on us to reduce our emissions?” she raged. “What else do we have when we’ve had nothing but words and lies from the media, including yourselves, and from the oil giants for three decades?”

Ms Mallaghan went on to accuse Ms Venables of “lying” to her audience, accusing her of not taking “some responsibility” for reporting on the climate catastrophe.

Before a furious dispute ensued, the reporter retorted, querying why she was being held responsible for the British media’s coverage of the climate catastrophe.

“Right now, the truth is the miles of tails you’ve created!” she exclaimed.

“Is miles of tailbacks anything in contrast to selling our children out?!,” Ms Mallaghan interjected. They’re selling their entire future!” She continued, insisting that the insulating group “must disrupt enough ordinary people” so that “media people like you” are forced to report on the turmoil.

The demonstration near Blackwall Tunnel, according to Insulate Britain, drew roughly 50 individuals.

It comes after the Metropolitan Police Department announced that 38 people had been arrested in the area for “disruption of the highway and conspiracy to cause public annoyance.”

The bloodshed comes after a similar protest on Wandsworth Bridge, a major artery into central London, prompting enraged citizens to take matters into their own hands and physically remove activists from the road.

“Brinkwire Summary News” also shows a paramedic hauling protesters inside.


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