Is there a video of an alien abduction? Take a look at the strange moment a man ‘shoots up’ into the sky.


Is there a video of an alien abduction? Take a look at the strange moment a man ‘shoots up’ into the sky.

A weird video clip that appears to show a man being taken from the face of the planet in a burst of light has UFO researchers in a frenzy. Could this be the first definitive proof of an alien abduction in the planet… or is it just a camera’s “strange glitch”?

Alien abductions are a recurring theme in stories and theories about extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. Self-described abductees claim they were dragged onto a spaceship by a beam of light and tortured or inspected by mystery alien figures. Despite the fact that medical specialists disregard these reports as the result of sleep paralysis or false memory syndrome, one UFO hunter believes he has discovered the definitive proof of a so-called close encounter.

Scott Waring, a well-known conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed ET expert, has shared odd footage of an alleged alien abduction with his followers.

The footage appears to show a man exiting a property in Porter, Texas, through the front door before vanishing into thin air.

The video was recorded in the early evening hours of December 26, 2019, CST – Central Standard Time in North America, according to a timestamp in the lower-right corner.

The video was filmed by a doorbell security camera, as evidenced by the branding in the upper left-hand corner.

The man can be seen leaving via the front door and walking past what appear to be Christmas lights and decorations.

He then takes a brief stop in mid-stride before disappearing from view.

A burst of light appears to trail off into the night sky in his place.

Is this video proof that aliens are swooping around the world abducting people for their nefarious experiments? Not always, and not always at all.

Mr Waring believes there are two possibilities: the man in the film was abducted or he is an alien himself.

The first explanation is immediately dismissed by the man in the video who provided the clip with Mr Waring.

“This morning, my fiance and I were checking over our videos taken by Ring and we spotted an odd glitch,” the UFO seeker claimed to have received the film via email.

“Look, Ring, have you been abducted by aliens or have you just been a part of the rapture!” she exclaimed. In any case, it was a lot of fun.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Ring cameras don’t follow you around. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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