Is the ‘new super variation’ formed by the merging of two Covid types available in the UK?


Is the ‘new super variation’ formed by the merging of two Covid types available in the UK?

As Europe experiences a large spike in new infections, a COVID super version has sparked anxiety among many in the medical community, causing several governments to reimpose strict lockdown measures – but what is this new super variety and is it in the UK?

Variants of the Coronavirus are an expected part of a pandemic. The Delta variety has been dubbed the most dangerous so far, as it causes more infections and spreads more quickly than previous strains of the virus. However, a “new super variety” – a cross of two Covid strains – has sparked significant anxiety.

The Delta variation was initially discovered a year ago, and it is now the most common strain worldwide.

Scientists are now worried that a new combination strain could soon overtake Delta as the most lethal and widespread.

Experts have discovered a “persistent” COVID-19 strain in the United States, which is thought to be the result of two distinct strains merging.

This so-called “new super variety” was generated as a result of a highly concerning phenomenon known as recombination, which occurs when two different virus strains enter the same host cell and interact while replicating.

Following this procedure, the emerging viral progeny is believed to include genetic components from both parent strains, implying that it could be more dangerous or lethal than either original strain.

The genetic make-up of this variety, known as B.1.628, was studied by researchers from the University of Oxford, who concluded that it originated from two additional strains, B.1.631 and B.1.634.

The frightening findings have yet to be peer-reviewed, but they pose “important questions regarding the function and potential impacts of recombination on the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 during the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic,” according to the report.

Professor of evolution and infectious illness at the University of Oxford, Oliver Pybus, a co-author of the work, warned that “recombination as a source of new and viable virus genetic variety needs to be treated seriously.”

Throughout 2021, all three types are expected to be in circulation in the United States and Mexico.

Professor Pybus went on to say that the strain is “persistent” in the United States.

According to reports from health organizations, the virus strain has not been identified in the United Kingdom.

B.1.628 was detected as an internal variant under monitoring in the latest variants of public interest report dated November 12 – and was not noted as present in the “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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