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Is Prince William still ‘furious’ with Prince Harry for shocking interview?

PRINCE HARRY stunned royal fans around the globe when he acknowledged there was a rift between him and Prince William last autumn – and the Duke of Cambridge may still be “furious” with his brother over the confession, according to unearthed reports.

Harry and William reunited for the first time in months last Monday, at the Commonwealth Day service in London. Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have been spending time in Canada since their ‘declaration of independence’ in January. The pair shared an unhappy and subdued greeting with William and his wife Kate Middleton, which seemed to indicate the severity of the division between the siblings.

Although there have been reports of a fallout between the two for more than a year, it was the release of Harry’s explosive confessional interview in the ITV documentary ‘Harry and Meghan: An African Journey’ which truly enraged William according to some insiders.

In the documentary released in October, Harry said “we’re certainly on different paths” and acknowledged he and William had “good days and bad days”.

According to BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond, William was enraged by his brother’s honesty.

Back in October he said: “I heard from a very good source that Prince William was furious with his younger brother for doing this interview and let him know in no uncertain terms.”

William himself has admitted in other BBC interviews that he “hates to lose control” and Harry’s honesty in the unexpected interview from October definitely would have taken his brother by surprise.

Yet, Mr Dymond added: “A Palace source that I’ve spoken to said that they hadn’t seen the fury, certainly not this morning, but they were clear that Prince William was concerned for his brother.”  

A Palace source also said that William was hoping the couple “are all right” after expressing their unhappiness”, and was “worried” about his brother, playing down claims he was “furious”, although the royal did not openly comment on the documentary.

Writing in Vanity Fair earlier this month, royal expert Katie Nicholl also pointed out that the brothers may no longer be feuding.

She explained: “While Harry and William are understood to have made peace with each other before Harry left for Canada, the brothers are not in regular touch, and the distance between the onceclose siblings is apparently a source of sadness for the family, particularly the Queen.”

Still, if the claims about William’s “fury” back in October were true, the reunion between the brothers suggests the last five months has done little to ease tensions between them.

Lip-readers claim Harry turned to Meghan after greeting William on Monday and commented, “he just said, hello Harry, to me and that was it”.

However, it is not known if Harry was referring to the dignitaries he met on his way into the ceremony or his own brother.

Body language expert Parri Wood told Marie Claire earlier this week that William appeared furious at the reunion.

She explained: “He’s doing a comfort palm, that palm down on his leg, which is comforting and suppressing his emotional state or he’s trying to suppress how he’s feeling.”

She added that the fist on top of his palm suggested he is “suppressing slight amount of anger”.

His lip suppression also says “I’m suppressing my true emotional state” as does his “furrowed brow”, according to the expert.

Ms Wood added: “He has conflicted feelings on trying to hide how he’s feeling, but the glare is an angry glare.”

Both William and his wife Kate Middleton are said to still be angry with Harry for “flagrantly distracting the Queen” and showing “disregard” for the monarch according to royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams earlier this week.

Even when Harry and Meghan first announced their decision to step down in January, William’s first emotion seemed to be rage.

An insider told US Weekly in January that William felt “distraught “at Harry’s decision to step back.

The insider said: “William’s done everything in his power to help his brother over the years and feels totally let down by his ‘reckless’ and ‘selfish’ actions.

“The way he sees it, Harry’s thrown all the good advice he gave him back in his face.”

Additionally, a source told The Sun that “The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge are incandescent with rage” upon hearing of Harry’s ‘declaration of independence’.

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