Is Manifest set to return for a fourth season?


Is Manifest set to return for a fourth season?

NBC tragically cancelled MANIFEST before the fourth season began, but there is now optimism that it will be revived. Will there be a fourth season of the show?

Fans of Manifest have been on an emotional rollercoaster since it was announced that the show would be cancelled after three seasons by NBC.

Hope was reignited as the show soared to the top of the Netflix charts, providing it a much-needed boost in popularity. Is the show, however, set to return for a fourth season?

Despite the initially planned six-season narrative, NBC decided to cancel Manifest after three seasons in June 2021.

The lack of a decent finish for the series and no true closure for the characters left viewers unhappy when the show was canceled.

In came Netflix, which just added the series to its massive library of content, allowing the drama to reach a new audience.

The series was an immediate hit for the platform, rocketing to the top of the most-watched charts.

This gave supporters optimism that Netflix might buy the show outright, similar to what they did with Lucifer, or that NBC would revive it.

At first, it appeared that this would not be the case, as both Netflix and NBC had failed to take up the show.

This may be about to change, as Netflix is considering bringing the science-fiction series back.

Unfortunately, neither Netflix nor NBC have confirmed the show’s future, but talks are in the works.

Netflix is in talks with Warner Bros. TV, according to Deadline, while NBC is still considering reversing their cancellation decision.

While season four has yet to be confirmed, it appears that information about the series’ future will be released soon.

With the #SaveManifest campaign circulating on social media, fan devotion to the show has once again played a big role in bringing the series back.

Since the show’s termination, #SaveManifest has been trending on Twitter in the hopes that NBC or Netflix will notice.

“Have u changed ur mind @netflix to #SaveManifest or @warnerbrostv to #ReshopManifest,” one fan said on Twitter.

“From your lips….,” another fan remarked. The good news will arrive soon. We are surrounded by energy. #SaveManifest.”

“I adore how hard @jeff rake works.” Brinkwire Summary News, said a third.


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