Is Maggie going to die in The Walking Dead?


Is Maggie going to die in The Walking Dead?

Season 11 of THE WALKING DEAD is already causing a stir among fans. Is Maggie truly going to die in the final season?

After more than a decade on our screens, The Walking Dead is tragically coming to an end. The AMC and Disney Plus zombie drama premiered in the United States on Sunday, August 22nd, and abroad on the Disney streaming service this morning. Maggie Rhee (played by Lauren Cohan) made a comeback in the last series, but a lot has changed since then.

Since Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed Glenn (Steven Yeun) in the season seven premiere, Maggie has wanted to see him dead.

However, he has been able to redeem himself in certain ways over the years, since he was instrumental in ending the fight against the Whisperers by killing Alpha (Samantha Morton).

Negan was released from prison and given some freedom in Alexandria as a result of his efforts.

This, of course, does not sit well with her, and tensions between them are high as she refuses to accept Negan has changed in any manner.

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Acheron: Part I, the eleventh season of The Walking Dead, began on AMC.

Negan and Maggie were feuding, and by the end of the first episode, it had escalated into a life-or-death crisis.

Maggie tries to get on top of a subway train in the last scene but is captured by passersby.

Negan notices she is in distress as she shouts for aid, but despite Maggie’s pleadings, he refuses to help her.

The screen goes black at this point, and the program concludes on a major cliffhanger.

So, has Negan just signed Maggie’s death warrant or will she survive this attack?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays one of the characters in Series 11, has previously spoken about the events leading up to the death of one of them.

He’s even stated that Negan may be forced to kill Maggie.

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Morgan revealed to TV Line ahead of the debut, “I think she’s going to have to kill him, or he’s going to have to kill her, especially as we find them in the.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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