‘Is it time to point fingers?’ says a Macron ally in response to criticisms of migrant deaths in the English Channel.


‘Is it time to point fingers?’ a Macron ally asks, referring to the deaths of migrants in the English Channel.

Bruno Bonnell, a member of the REPUBLIQUE EN MARCHE, slammed the government’s mudslinging in the wake of the Channel deaths, saying it was not the time for France and the UK to start blaming each other.

Following the deaths of at least 27 people in the Channel, Bruno Bonnell sought to defuse tensions between the UK and France, criticizing both governments for accusing each other of wrongdoing.

Mr Bonnell appeared to criticize both Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron, urging them to put their differences aside and work together to combat human trafficking.

The French politician also dismissed criticisms of the French interior minister’s attempt to blame the UK for not providing enough assistance, claiming that it was part of a larger point that was misunderstood.

Mr Bonnell was asked on Sky News to respond to criticisms made by the previous guest, Baroness Kate Hoey, that the French government needed to do more to improve the safety of Channel crossings.

“Is it really time to point fingers when there are 27 people dead in the Channel?” he said on the program.

“Is it time to say there is a right border and a wrong border? Is that the real issue?”

“Do you think now is the time to unite against the smugglers?”

“Because really, the message that our minister was trying to send was twisted in a way that could appear aggressive toward UK authorities…”

Gerald Darmanin, the French Interior Minister, appeared to go on the offensive against the UK government, claiming that it was not doing enough to combat human trafficking.

“It’s a global problem,” he explained.

We tell our Belgian, German, and British friends that they should help us fight international drug traffickers.”

Mr Johnson retaliated by saying that France had “blood on its hands” for meddling in the Channel.

“But the message is that we should fight together on two fronts,” Mr Bonnell continued.

One is smugglers, of whom we have apprehended 1,500 since the start of the year.

“Number two, create the conditions for migrants to stop obsessing over crossing the border into the United Kingdom.”

“The reasons are complicated; perhaps some myths exist, or perhaps there is some regulation.”

“However, those migrants effectively concentrate on the French border, arriving from Belgium, Germany, and other countries.”

“And then they attempted to cross.”

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