Is it possible to travel through time? In a weird assertion, a ‘time traveller’ reveals images from the year 3311.


Is it possible to travel through time? In a weird assertion, a ‘time traveller’ reveals images from the year 3311.

A SUSPECTED time traveller from the year 3311 has released a strange confession tape in which he presents three photographs of the future.

After sharing his story with online paranormal investigators, the anonymous man’s time travel confession surfaced in March 2019. In the video, the alleged time traveller’s face was pixelated and his voice was altered, but he claimed to be the real deal. The time traveller provided three images for YouTube channel ApexTV while speaking to a camera. He claimed to have taken them on a mission in the year 3311. According to the time traveller, he has a “very interesting story” to tell regarding his past and future.

“What I am saying you is factual, and I have the evidence to back it up,” the man replied.

He then took out three photographs of what the planet is expected to look like roughly 1,300 years from now.

The first strange image purports to depict a futuristic city built on a floating island in the sky.

“This was not the only photo I captured in the future,” the time traveller explained.

“I entered the teleportation machine once more, but this time it sent me to a completely other location, which I photographed as well. Allow me to show you the photograph.”

He then took out a photograph of a structure that he described as a typical dwelling in the far future.

His final image was of a flying vehicle flying above some houses and trees.

The three images, according to the time traveller, are designed to back up his dubious claims.

According to the time traveller, the photos were taken after he was chosen to participate in a covert time travel operation in the 1990s.

He claims he was chosen in part because of his achievements in the field of computer development at school.

He also claimed that the mysteries of time travel were revealed by the cryptic uses of quantum computing.

“I can’t tell what that organization’s name is, but I can assure you that organizations like the one I’m describing, and many more, not only exist, but are also carrying out secret programs behind closed doors,” he stated.

All three photos offered by the alleged time traveller, on the other hand, are creative modifications of pre-existing photographs, intended to.


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