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Is Emma Stone pregnant?

PHOTOS show a possibly pregnant Emma Stone strolling with her fiancé David McCary.

The pair were also spotted wearing wedding bands, and fans on Twitter speculated they tied the knot secretly as their wedding plans for March were halted. 

Here is more on Emma Stone. 

While Emma has yet to confirm any pregnancy rumors, paparazzi caught her walking around a neighborhood in Los Angeles displaying what looks like a baby bump.

Fans on Twitter believe that Emma Stone, 31, is pregnant after photos emerged of her with a baby bump strolling through a neighborhood with fiancé David McCary.

In the snaps, Emma is seen wearing brown overalls and a white shirt underneath concealing the potential pregnancy bump.

While the clothes are relatively loose, profile pictures of her show a large bump.

Fans immediately took to Twitter to discuss Emma’s bump saying: “emma stone is pregnant and it’s not mine heart been broke so many times.”

Another added: “emma stone pregnant and andrew garfield had nothing to do with it.”

However, some fans denied Emma even looking pregnant and claimed that others were just starting rumors about the actress. 

“literally doesn’t even look like emma stones pregnant yall are weird,” said one Twitter user. 

“I wish I could confirm or deny if Emma Stone is pregnant for you but we got in a fight in college about hair extensions and haven’t spoken since. Congrats Emily!” added another.

David McCary, 35, is an American comedian and writer.

He works as a segment director for Saturday Night Live. 

McCary is also the co-founder of the sketch comedy group Good Neighbor alongside Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, and Nick Rutherford.

The pair were set to tie the knot in March of this year. 

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic they were forced to halt their wedding plans.

In the paparazzi photos that emerged of them walking around a neighborhood, fans also pointed out that the two were wearing wedding bands. 

Many believe the two are already secretly married.

Twitter users jumped to their conclusions and said: “Emma Stone and Dave McCary have been spotted wearing matching gold bands on their ring fingers (making us believe they already got married) as they took a walk in Los Angeles.”

“emma stone and andrew garfield broke up 5 years ago and 5 years later she’s married to someone else and pregnant. her life really does imitate mia’s in la la land I-,” added a fan. 

It is unclear if Emma and David did get married though as the two have yet to publicly address the rumors.

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