Is Boris’ reign coming to an end?


Is Boris’ reign coming to an end?

BORIS JOHNSON and his cronies are in hot water.

The polls are punishing them for continuing sleaze allegations, and opponents are demanding his resignation.

Anyone looking for a way to bring Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party down will seize this opportunity, with allegations of sleaze and cronyism rife across Whitehall.

The Prime Minister has taken the unusual step of taking action in response to the allegations, proposing a plan to prohibit MPs from working as consultants in the private sector.

Is it, however, sufficient?

According to an exclusive report in the Guardian on Thursday, the PM’s plan to outlaw MPs who work as high-paid consultants on the side would affect fewer than ten MPs in total.

MPs backed Downing Street plans to limit outside work to “reasonable limits” and prohibit parliamentary advice or consultancy by a vote of 297 to nil on Wednesday, with Labour abstaining.

Boris Johnson has done something unusual in the face of the crisis, which had been brewing for some time but erupted with the Owen Paterson row: instead of keeping his head down and weathering the storm, he is acting, and acting quickly.

“On a clear road, I crashed the car into a ditch,” he told a panel of backbench MPs on the 1922 committee, describing his initial decision to support Mr Paterson as a “total mistake.”

Dr Steven McCabe, a lecturer, researcher, and economist at Birmingham City University’s Centre for Brexit Studies, told This website that it was “ludicrous” to think Mr Johnson would resign in the wake of the scandal.

“It’s important to remember [the PM]has previously survived scandals that would have ended most other people’s careers,” he said.

“His tenacity and ability to move on without apologizing has become legendary.”

However, as recent events have demonstrated, he may have pushed the tolerance limits of not only the general public, but also a number of his own MPs.

“However, any suggestion that Johnson will resign is absurd.”

Johnson, ever the survivor, will try to move on from the sleaze scandal by refocusing on the policies that helped him win a landslide victory just over two years ago.”

However, as things stand now, Mr Johnson would not win a “thumping” majority if an election were held tomorrow.

The recent revelations have hit the Conservatives hard, according to opinion polling across the board.

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