‘Irrational and abusive’ The EU has sparked a raging debate in Spain: ‘Bloc’s laws are not in our best interests.’


‘Irrational and abusive’ The EU has sparked a raging debate in Spain: ‘Bloc’s laws are not in our best interests.’

‘Abuseful and irrational’ In Spain, the EU has provoked a heated debate: ‘Bloc’s laws are not in our best interests.’

A significant controversy has developed in Spain, with some MEPs blaming European Union directives.

Environmentalists and business owners are fighting over the dismantling of some dams in local governments across Spain. The ensuing argument between supporters and opponents of the demolition highlights the challenges that arise when such infrastructure is demolished.

The EU considers the effort to be crucial in restoring river quality.

Residents were outraged when it was announced in 2017 that the public concession for hydroelectric purposes of the Los Toranes dam (on the Mijares river in Teruel) to Iberdrola was coming to an end.

The infrastructure has been there since 1943, according to Federico Martn, socialist mayor of Olba, one of the effected municipalities, who is in favor of retaining the dam. Citizens did not believe it would be possible to demolish it.

The planned demolition is awaiting a ruling from Madrid’s Superior Court of Justice on an appeal filed by Iberdrola, which agrees to take over the dam because the concession has expired but opposes the demolition.

According to the European Water Framework Directive, decision-makers must consider the broader public interest.

The issue must be about people’s health, safety, or the environment, or it must be a core government policy to be proclaimed in the public interest.

A Vox MEP, Hermann Tertsch, responded angrily, arguing that the incident is yet further proof that the EU is unconcerned about the interests of its members.

With arrogance, ignorance, interfering and abusive ideology, dogmatism, and contempt, he blasted, “Another proof of how the European Union, from Brussels, is dedicated to legislating, regulating, regulating, intruding, and imposing choices against the interests of the Spaniards.”

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Vox MEP Jorge Buxade stated, “All hydrographic basins are interrelated.”

“There is enough water for the entire country of Spain.

“We’re working on a national hydrological plan.

“Not a single drop was thrown away.

“A thousand directions won’t be enough to put an end to our field.”

The two MEPs’ proposals for a boycott of the Brussels union were echoed by outraged Spaniards.

“They want a poor, humiliated Spain that is depending on European Central Bank handouts,” one said.

“When it comes to their citizens, communists use the same logic.”


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