Ireland’s Coveney chastised the UK for pointing the finger at the ‘breakdown’ of EU relations.


SIMON COVENEY, the Irish Republic’s foreign minister, has said the UK is risking a “breakdown in relations” with the European Union by rejecting the interference by the European Court of Justice in Ulster.

The foreign minister has been critical of the UK for its negotiation tactics when it comes to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Reports emerged over the weekend suggesting the UK’s Brexit minister Lord Frost was ready to make clear to EU counterpart Maros Sefcovic that removing the European Court of Justice’s oversight of the Protocol is a ‘red line’ for Downing Street.

Mr Coveney tweeted late on Saturday night: “EU working seriously to resolve practical issues with the implementation of Protocol – so UKG creates a new “red line” barrier to progress, that they know EU can’t move on. Are we surprised?

“Real Q: Does UKG actually want an agreed way forward or a further breakdown in relations?”

However, Mr Coveney has been criticised for these comments.

Owen Polley is an author and commentator based in Northern Ireland who has addressed the matter.

Writing in The Telegraph, Mr Polley said: “Coveney and his boss, the Fine Gael leader and former taoiseach Leo Varadkar, have done more than most politicians to damage friendship between London and Dublin, undermine cooperation between the two parts of Ireland and destabilise the Belfast Agreement.”

The United Kingdom has been in discussion with the EU about the Northern Ireland Protocol – and hopes some of the aspects deemed most damaging would be removed.

To ensure this, Lord David Frost had threatened to trigger the “emergency break”, Article 16, which would allow the Government to suspend any parts of the deal deemed problematic.

Lord Frost declared that, if the European Union refused to accept the UK’s improved Northern Ireland protocol, then it would be a “historic misjudgement”.

But Lord Frost urged Brussels to back the deal to ensure that the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice over Ulster would come to an end.

Lord Frost said: “It is not just about the court.

“It is about the system of which the court is the apex – the system which means the EU can make laws which apply in Northern Ireland without any kind of democratic scrutiny or discussion.”


In response, the EU is set to table a plan which would allow any goods to travel without issues between. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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