Ireland is secretly enraged at the EU over fishing rights, and Dublin is “privately quite concerned!”


Ireland is secretly enraged at the EU over fishing rights, and Dublin is “privately quite concerned!”

According to a former Irish ambassador, Ireland is discreetly concerned about the EU’s attitude on fishing in Brexit Britain’s waters.

A former Irish ambassador told This website that the Irish government is working behind closed doors “The EU’s attitude on fishing rights has left many people quietly concerned. Ray Bassett has spoken out, claiming that while Dublin publicly supports the European Union and France in their battle over fisheries in the English Channel with the United Kingdom, Ireland received a “very terrible deal” from Michel Barnier, the EU’s Brexit negotiator.

According to Mr. Bassett, who spoke to this website, “Ireland will officially support the European Union in France.

“However, they will be quite concerned about what is happening from a few perspectives in private.

“On the fishing question, Ireland received a poor deal from Barnier during his initial negotiations…and I understand the Dutch are also unhappy that he appears to be protecting French interests in British waters.

“And the Irish suffered the largest cutbacks in British water of anyone.”

He went on to say: “So we had to stand with the European Union to some extent at that point because we were vulnerable and needed the European Union, particularly in relation to the Irish border.

“But, you know, there will be a lot of compassion on the fisheries front for the British because we’re in a similar situation.

“We have extensive fishing grounds, and the European Union has agreed to allocate 40% of the fish caught in British waters to the UK.

“Here in Ireland, where we have a lot of water, we’re going to get 15% because the European Union compensated us by granting us certain fishing rights in UK waters.”

Mr. Bassett went on to say: “As a result, several of them have had their licenses withdrawn.

“However, we still have a scenario in our waterways where we have only 15%.

“So they’ll be quietly thinking that, as a coastline state, we believe that coastal states should have a far larger voice and percentage of fish in their own waters.”

It comes as Lord Frost, the UK’s Brexit negotiator, has refused to provide the UK’s “precise negotiating stance” in the current discussions with the EU.

However, he acknowledged that the question of how commodities move between the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland is “at the heart.” “..


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