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Iranian man jailed for just nine years for beheading daughter, 14

A father who beheaded his 14-year-old daughter while she slept in an honour killing that shocked Iran has been jailed for just nine years.

Romina Ashrafi was decapitated at her family home in the county of Talesh, Gilan, on May 21 earlier this year.

Her death sparked widespread outrage with media condemning the ‘institutionalised violence’ in the Islamic republic.

Her father, who remains unnamed, has today been jailed for nine years despite Romina’s mother, Rana Dashti, demanding the death penalty. 

‘Despite the judicial authorities’ insistence on a “special handling” of the case, the verdict has terrified me and my family,’ Dashti told ILNA. 

‘I don’t want my husband to return to our village ever again,’ she said, calling for the verdict to be reviewed and changed to ‘execution’. 

Dashti, who lived with the man for 15 years, added that she now fears for the life of the rest of her family.

According to ILNA, Iran’s penal code does not lay down the death penalty for a father in cases of filicide and the court can only sentence the accused to fines and jail time.

Romina had reportedly run away after the father refused to give permission for her to marry a man 15 years her senior.

But she was detained by authorities and taken home despite having pleaded with a judge that she feared for her life if returned.

The man she wanted to marry, Bahman Khavari, 34, has also been sentenced to two years in prison.

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