Iran may create a nuclear bomb in ten weeks, according to a master plan laid forth by the so-called “butcher of Tehran.”


Iran may create a nuclear bomb in ten weeks, according to a master plan laid forth by the so-called “butcher of Tehran.”

As Ebrahim Raisi, dubbed the “Butcher of Tehran,” is ushered into office, Israel has warned that Iran might produce a nuclear bomb in just ten weeks.

On Thursday, the former hardline judge swore his devotion and was elected President of Iran.

Despite strong resistance from the West, the Shi’ite leader used his first keynote speech to reaffirm his commitment to Iran’s nuclear weapons development.

Following the breakdown of relations with the United States, Tehran has proceeded to breach the conditions of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear agreement.

On the eve of the ceremony, Israeli defense minister Benny Gantz warned that Iran could be less than three months away from obtaining the uranium needed to create a nuclear weapon.

“Iran has broken all of the JCPOA’s restrictions and is about 10 weeks away from getting weapons-grade materials required for a nuclear weapon,” he claimed.

“Now is the time for action; words alone will not suffice.

“Diplomatic, economic, and possibly military actions are required; otherwise, the attacks will continue.”

President Raisi has attempted to downplay the threat by claiming that Iran is not striving to develop a “forbidden” nuclear weapon and that its nuclear program is “totally harmless.”

The 60-year-old stated that the Islamic Republic’s “strength in the region gives stability,” but cautioned that the force will only be utilized against “threats manufactured by dominant nations and tyrants.”

Iran has been in talks with six countries to resurrect a 2015 nuclear agreement that was scrapped three years ago by then-US President Donald Trump, who said it was too lenient towards Tehran.

Iran agreed to limit its nuclear program in exchange for the removal of international sanctions under the deal, but Mr. Trump withdrew and reimposed sanctions, crippling Iranian exports.

Since then, Tehran has exceeded the treaty’s enriched uranium limits.

Mr Raisi is largely expected to take a stronger stance in talks with the West, and nuclear policy is decided by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“Foreign pressure and sanctions will not deter the Islamic Republic of Iran from pursuing its lawful rights,” Mr Raisi vowed.

President Raisi has been warned that the US will not modify its stance on Iran’s nuclear program and has asked Tehran to return to the negotiating table.

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