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Iran denies US talks with Russian mediation


Iran on Sunday denied media reports about holding talks with the U.S. with Russian mediation.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran holds no talks at any level with the U.S.,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi told the official IRNA news agency.


Media reports earlier said that Washington sent a message to Russia seeking talks with Tehran at the level of foreign ministers.

“Iran has no decision to talk with U.S. officials,” Mousavi said.

Tensions have been rising between the U.S. and Iran since May 2018, when Washington unilaterally withdrew from the deal.

The U.S. has since embarked on a diplomatic and economic campaign to put pressure on Iran to renegotiate the agreement, as well as other Iranian activities Washington considers to be “destabilizing.”

As part of its campaign, the U.S. has re-imposed sanctions on exports of Iranian crude oil, which have tanked the Iranian economy.

Tehran has rejected any negotiations with Washington until it lifts sanctions.

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