Iran brags about its stockpile of “advanced weaponry” as it rages against “unprecedented pressure.”


Iran brags about its stockpile of “advanced weaponry” as it rages against “unprecedented pressure.”

As it rages against “unprecedented pressure” from the West, Iran has boasted about its “advanced weapons” cache.

Following Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018, the US levied crushing sanctions on Iran under the Trump administration. The United States was seeking an extension of a UN arms embargo against Iran.

In exchange for sanctions relief, the nuclear deal limited Iran’s nuclear weapons capacity.

Despite international criticism, Iran’s state-run media, Press TV, has boasted about its “advanced weapons.”

“Did you know that Iran has managed to build advanced weapons amid unprecedented pressure and an arms sales embargo?” roared Press TV on Twitter.

In his address to the United Nations General Assembly last month, President Joe Biden expressed an interest in closing the chapter on US-Iran ties (UNGA).

Mr. Biden stated that the United States would return to “full compliance” with the agreement reached during his previous tenure as Vice President under former President Barack Obama.

“The US is dedicated to preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” he said.

“We’re collaborating with the P5+1 to engage Iran diplomatically and re-establish the JCPOA.

“If Iran follows suit, we’re ready to return to full compliance.”

Iran began publicly violating the agreement’s enrichment limitations, claiming that it would return to compliance if the US did the same.

The Iranian Parliament just enacted a measure that, if implemented, will increase Tehran’s nuclear program while restricting IAEA monitoring access.

Iran can only operate first-generation IR-1 centrifuges at the subterranean complex under the terms of the nuclear deal with major powers.

These are also Iran’s only means of accumulating enriched uranium.

However, Iran told the UN’s nuclear watchdog in December that it wants to add three more clusters of powerful IR-2m centrifuges to its underground uranium enrichment site in Natanz.

“Iran informed the Agency that the operator of the Fuel Enrichment Plant (FEP) in Natanz “intends to commence the installation of three cascades of IR-2m centrifuge machines” at FEP, according to the agency.

These were in addition to one of the IR-2m machines that was already being utilized for enrichment there, they said.

The Pentagon warned in July that a nuclear war may erupt because Iran and other countries had stocked their arsenals with scary nuclear weapons.

Iran is thought to have the technology to build a nuclear bomb within a year, according to the research.

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