Interest rate hike looms as the UK faces a supply shortage.


Interest rates are expected to rise as the UK faces a supply shortage.

With the double blow of a supply shortage and the threat of rising interest rates, Britons face a bleak outlook in the housing market.

With annual house price inflation at 9.8%, the highest since July 2007, Britons face an uncertain housing market future.

Rightmove, Zoopla, and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors have all warned about low levels of stock available for sale in 2022, according to Neal Hudson, a housing market analyst.

He also claims that rising interest rates have been threatened for the past ten years but have yet to materialize.

“If they don’t,” he warns, “2022 could be another year of record-breaking home prices.”

Inquiries for Yorkshire in the first ten months of this year were up 152% over the same period last year, according to d Stoyle of Savills’ York office, who told the Financial Times.

According to YouGov, 45 percent of the public believes Brexit has had no impact on housing in the UK, 32 percent believe the pandemic has had no impact on housing in the UK, 26 percent believe immigration has had no impact on housing in the UK, and 14 percent believe government housing policies have had no impact on housing in the UK.

Shaun Richards, an economist, disagrees.

Mr Richards believes it is more difficult to predict a crash in the near future, “for the simple reason that governments and central banks are so wedded to the idea of high house prices.”

He believes there are valid reasons to anticipate rising home prices.

He believes that there are a number of issues with the trajectory for 2022.

Inflation, for example, will cause real wages to fall.

“We’ll see more inflation due to the energy price crisis,” he says, referring to the green levees.

And, of course, it has proven to be far more costly.

So that all feeds in, especially once we get the energy cap price hike in April.

As well as real wages and incomes.

Then there’s the increase in N.I..”

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This week, I discuss my predictions for house prices in the United Kingdom in 2022.

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The housing market is expected to return to a more “normal” state in, according to experts.

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