Insulate Britain’s ‘extremely patronising’ Insulate Britain is slammed by a Sky News host, who points out a fundamental claim problem.


Insulate Britain’s ‘extremely patronising’ Insulate Britain is slammed by a Sky News host, who points out a fundamental claim problem.

Insulate Britain’s representative was left stuttering after an SKY Issues presenter refuted his allegation that the media isn’t talking about climate change, despite the fact that her own station has a daily half-hour show dedicated to environmental news and is a sponsor of Cop 26.

After the climate change organization blocked roads across London on Monday, Sky News host Jayne Secker called Insulate Britain spokesperson Craig Scudder onto the show. Angry cars were seen hauling protestors off the street in videos, with one woman pleading with the group to go so she could visit her mother in the hospital. Mr Scudder tried to ignore the worries, claiming that the general people and mainstream media are uninterested in climate change, despite Ms Secker awkwardly pointing out that Sky News has a daily show dedicated to the subject.

Around 60 supporters of Insulate Britain allegedly stopped Hanger Lane in north London, the Blackwall tunnel in south-east London, and Wandsworth Bridge in south-west London.

The protest was the group’s fourth week of protesting after a high court injunction was filed against them to prevent them from protesting on the M25.

Angry motorists, enraged at the police’s passivity, were shown on film hauling protesters off the street to enable cars to pass.

Emergency services were also affected by the chaos, with one woman going viral after pleading with the group to let her see her elderly mother in the hospital.

Mr Scudder was brought onto Sky News to explain the demonstration, saying that he and his group were “forced” to carry it out due to the government’s “inaction.”

He then accused Ms Secker and Sky News of being “gaslighted” into hating the group by Home Secretary Priti Patel, and claimed the media should cover the environment more.

“Sorry, you’re talking to someone who works for a news station, Europe’s largest media organization,” an irritated Ms Secker told the protester.

“With Sky supporting Cop 26, we have a daily climate show, and we gave the (pre-Cop) Milan conference substantial coverage, who has vowed to achieve net-zero carbon by 2030.”

“Many individuals in all kinds of businesses across the country care strongly about the environment, and I think it’s a really patronizing position to suggest that we don’t,” says Brinkwire Summary News.


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