Insulate Britain protester’s family is begging strangers to help pay his rent.


Insulate Britain protester’s family begs strangers to help pay his rent.

THE FAMILY OF AN INSULATE GB campaigner who was imprisoned for his role in a series of high-profile protests on Britain’s highways has begged strangers to pay his London rent while he is in prison.

Oliver Rock was one of nine protesters jailed for contempt of court last Wednesday after they disobeyed an injunction prohibiting them from blocking the M25.

Rock, 41, was sentenced to four months in prison, but his family has launched a crowdfunder to help him pay his £700-per-month rent while incarcerated.

And they’ve already raised over £3,100, which is significantly more than the average UK monthly wage.

“I think Olly and the other protesters have been made an example of to warn other people off,” Oliver’s sister Isabella, who lives with him in the capital, said.

“The money that has been donated thus far has been extremely helpful to us.

Olly has been hard hit by the pandemic and doesn’t have much in the way of savings, so knowing he’ll have a roof over his head when he emerges will be a huge relief.

“It’s very concerning to imprison peaceful protesters.

“People should be aware that this bill will have a real impact on people’s ability to protest.”

According to Berkshire Live, the court heard last week that Rock and the other protesters posed a threat to the public and themselves.

During the pandemic, Oliver, a self-employed carpenter from Twyford, Berkshire, has had difficulty finding work.

“We’re still waiting to hear back from Olly,” Isabella added.

“It appears that he is being denied a phone call or the ability to email us.

He’ll be fine, I’m certain.

He’s in excellent mental health.

“The judge said it was a four-month sentence with a two-month minimum, so he’ll be in prison for Christmas.”

“My kind-hearted, generous, morally upstanding brother Oliver has been sentenced to four months in prison, with a minimum of two months serving time for his role in the Insulate Britain campaign,” the crowdfunder reads.

“Olly took action to protect society’s most vulnerable citizens and to make the world a safer place for future generations, and he is being punished for it.”

The government would rather imprison peaceful protesters than act to insulate homes and lessen the effects of the current climate crisis.

“Britain is one of the world’s wealthiest countries, but only 8,500 people will benefit.”

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