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Instagram influencers over 50 show style is timeless



Dawn, 54, from, California is a high school English teacher who runs the over-40 style blog Fashion Should Be Fun.  

The age and body-positive Instagram page and blog aims to inspire women over the age of 40 to ignite their love for fashion and has garnered 16,700 followers. 

On her blog she writes: ‘This is a site for us women over 40 who are still vital, relevant, and creative. These are our years to shine, ladies! Let’s show the world you’re never too old to have fun and be fierce!’ 

The influencer studied fashion at university before embarking on a career as an English teacher for 22 years. Dawn now lives with her husband, two dogs and two cats in the Santa Cruz mountains.   

Her Instagram feed features outfits worn throughout her daily life, featuring her signature monochrome ensembles as well as stylish statement accessories to finish off her looks. 

Describing her look in an interview with blog 40+ Style, she said: ‘I really like modern classics, mixed with fun trendy pieces. I tend to be drawn to things with a bit of an edge, like a rocker or boho vibe.

‘Functionality is very important to me. I really want to feel good wearing something, feel attractive, comfortable, and confident’. 

As well as style, her Instagram posts feature content filmed at various events such as New York Fashion Week, where she’s been snapped with stars like Paris Hilton.  

Najate, 66, from Rotterdam, Netherlands became the star of her daughter Meryem’s Instagram account after posing in various streetwear looks.

The mother, an retired elementary school teacher from Schoonhoven, has racked up 42k followers posing for photos in Nike trainers and baseball caps paired with her hijab. 

Meryem began blogging in 2015, as a creative outlet to help her cope with her depression, and now simply shares pictures of herself and her mother.  

Najate has been snapped wearing clothes by Amsterdam-based Daily Paper as well as sportswear giants Nike, Fila and New Balance, to name a few.   

Meryem told BuzzFeed in 2015: ‘I thought to myself it would probably make for more interesting and unique images that would make my work stand out and hopefully reach more people with time. 

‘Because which elderly hijabi woman of colour was being portrayed this way? Not a single one. And I knew I had something special that no one else had.’ 

In her latest post, Najate dons two-tone Oakley sunglasses, a hijab by Guess, a neon orange BOSS blazer and a floral dress by Copenhagen-based brand GANNI. 

Paula Sutton, 50, from Norfolk runs the Hill House Vintage Instagram account which has an impressive 406k followers.  

The mother-of-three spent years working in the fashion industry, as Head of Press for Elite Premier Model agency and producing shoots for Elle magazine. 

She started blogging in 2010, when she moved from South East London into her countryside home with her husband Duncan and their three children, Tobias, then aged eight, and five-year-old twins Phoebe and Daisy.  

Paula decided to start a blog about her home and new life in the country, ‘The Hill House Diaries’, sharing pictures of her home and detailing the transformation of the interior. 

Later, she began her Instagram page posting images of ‘English country interiors, gardens, houses, and vintage style.’  

In an interview with Stella Magazine, the influencer said her style has changed to to allow more ostentatious looks. 

She revealed: ‘As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more eccentric and flamboyant. I’ve stopped caring what anyone thinks.’ 

Grece, 55, from Montréal, is one of the most celebrated influencers within the fashion industry.

The personal trainer, whose signature grey bob is a favourite sight at NY Fashion Week, stumbled into modelling after her hit Instagram account racked up 320k followers. 

Her fashion-forward page includes her signature big sunglasses and stylish, well-polished ensembles from classic monochrome skirt-and-top combos to neon leather trousers. 

Despite her classic style, the influencer also often dons vibrant knits, colourful printed tops and statement wide-leg trousers.  

Speaking to Vogue, she advised: ‘Stay visible! Once women pass a certain age, they don’t get looked at anymore. I don’t take that into account. I still wear things in a fun way. I don’t have to disappear.’ 

Japanese couple Bon and Pon, who are both in their 60s, spend their retirement posting photos of their matching outfits on Instagram.

Otherwise known as Tsuyoshi and Tomi Seki, the married couple of 38 years have accumulated 830k followers on the social media platform. 

The pair went viral posting images wearing matching ensembles, often donning smart, minimalist outfits with tailored cuts. 

The married couple have even launched their own fashion line in a Japanese department store. The couple met when they were both students at art school in Tokyo, and their Instagram handle combines their nicknames as children. 

Speaking to the Guardian, Tsuyoshi said: ‘We’re overwhelmed by the number of comments, although we’re unable to understand all of them. But we’re extremely grateful to everyone who takes the time to post.’ 


Shauna Robertson, from Salt Lake City, is the persona behind the Chic Over 50 style blog and Instagram page which has 99.2k followers. 

What began as a hobby in 2015, an online look-book to share with her friends, has grown into a community of loyal online followers. 

She posts vibrant and high-energy images of her outfits, and hopes her account will inspire women to ‘be confident and be beautiful’. 

Her blog details her skin, fitness and diet regime and gives readers tips on how to feel comfortable with bolder style choices. 

Her posts on Instagram consist of simple but colourful ensembles which often include statement hats and sunglasses.  

On her blog she writes: ‘I want to help them know they can influence and inspire others to be their best selves. We can all have such a profound affect on the world! It brings me such JOY to help women in this way.’  

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