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Inside some of Australia’s most dirtiest cars

Some of Australia’s dirtiest cars have been revealed by disgusted passengers in an online video.

The footage was posted to the Triple J Facebook page on August 12 showing 20 cars littered with fast food wrappers, cigarette butts, mould, garbage bags and dirty clothes. 

One man filmed a mountain of empty milk cartons and and water bottles in his friend’s ute before telling him to ‘f****** look at it!?’.

‘You grubby ****,’ he tells his friend. 

Another video shows a man hesitating to climb into the pile of rubbish in the passenger seat. 

‘How am I supposed to sit in that?’ he asks. 

‘I’m gonna get s*** all over my kicks.’ 

The video was posted under the heading ‘Australia’s Filthiest Cars’ and it left social media users disgusted.

‘Some people need help. Like professional help with their cars so messy. Makes me think of what their houses would be like,’ one user wrote.   

‘As a former car detailer, this causes my brain great distress and anxiety,’ another added.

‘Just drive straight to the tip open the door or just leave the car there,’ a third user replied. 

However some people actually praised the drivers for not throwing their rubbish into the street. 

‘Gold star for those not throwing their dirty ciggy butts out the window though!’ one user wrote. 

‘At least he doesn’t throw anything out of the window!’ another added. 

The footage was put together after Triple J asked listeners to take video of the filthiest cars they’ve ever seen or been in.  

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