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Inside Madonna’s $6m 18th-century Lisbon mansion

She was said to be leaving the lavish property last year after she admitted that she was ‘alone’ and ‘bored’.

Yet it appears as though Madonna is still living at her 18th-century £6 million palace in Lisbon, Portugal. 

The pop legend, 61, has been giving fans a glimpse of the sensational property, which boasts a guesthouse, four bedrooms and seven bathrooms, on her Instagram.

Madonna moved to Lisbon in 2017 so her son David Banda, 14,could fulfil his dream of playing football for Benfica’s youth team.   

The star, who divides her time between the US, UK and Portugal, spends a large part of her time in Lisbon with children David, Mercy, 14, Stelle and Estere, seven. With grown-up kids Lourdes, 23, and Rocco, 19, also visiting.

In April, Madonna admitted that she was missing Lisbon life as she isolated at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.   

The star recently shared a racy snap of her physical therapy with 25-year-old dancer Ahlamalik Williams after a knee injury.

In the photos, it showed the Portuguese mansion’s stunning wood panels and decor with a rustic fireplace taking centre stage in the sitting room. 

The singer also shared a glimpse at one of her seven bathrooms as she posed topless with a crutch in the all-marble room.

Madonna has also shared several snaps of her home’s bedrooms, opting for a luxury purple velvet headboard.   

While another bedroom boasts the luxury of a freestanding bathtub right beside the bed. 

Opulent baroque furniture and luxurious rugs are in keeping with the surroundings, giving the property the feeling of a typical stately home. 

However, her home still bears all the hallmarks of a house where young children live, with Stella and Esther’s artwork decorating the walls.

Among a scattering of art books, including volumes about Frida Kahlo are a plethora of framed pictures of Madonna with her two youngest daughters. 

Another appears to show the singer’s son Rocco, who moved in with his father permanently in 2016, with his younger siblings.  

Meanwhile, the kitchen has a rustic feel with white tiles on the walls, copper pans on display and a plethora of baskets hanging from the ceiling. 

Music is also clearly at the heart of this home. Not only are the performer’s children constantly moving and dancing, but her Mercy and David appear to have become very skilled at playing instruments.

A grand piano is set up in their music room, while an acoustic guitar is also not far from the musically-minded brood in many of her videos.

And even though Madonna has put plenty of focus on her children in creating her loving home, the grand living space certainly reflects her own bold character. 

The family also has a large terrace garden area adorned with pillars, plants and large windows which look into their home.    

In 2019, Madonna was reportedly on the verge of quitting her life in Lisbon, after publicly revealing she feels ‘bored and lonely’ in the Portuguese city.

The 61-year-old pop superstar moved her family to southern Europe back in 2017, so her son David could fulfil his dream of playing football for Benfica’s youth team.

However, The Sun reports that the American singer’s time in the country may soon be coming to an end, as the owners of the £6million 18th century palace she calls home are now allegedly planning to sell it.

A source said of the star, who is enjoying a resurgence in popularity after the release of her album Madame X: ‘Madonna will be on her Madame X tour until March 2020 so hasn’t been spending much time at the palace she was renting in Portugal.

‘David still has some school commitments there but as Madonna is on the road she isn’t there now and it’s not clear whether she plans on getting a new home in the area.’

MailOnline has contacted a representative for Madonna for comment.

At the opening night of her Madame X tour at New York City’s Brooklyn Academy of Music, the star spoke onstage about her private life and move to Portugal.

She said: ‘I moved to Lisbon to be a soccer mom. I wanted to be a soccer mom. I thought it would be adventurous. But I found myself alone, without friends, a little bit bored.’

Explaining how that boredom led to her seeking out new interests, she continued: ”I was invited to a fado club. The music is made up of melancholy, sadness and longing — the best description of me.’

Madonna moved to Portugal in August of 2017, and was living in a luxury suite at the Pestana Palace in Lisbon, before moving into her grand 12-bedroom abode.

At the time of her move, it was reported that Madonna was renting the home with the option to buy a year later if she wanted to. 

The American star joined a string of A-list celebrities, including Michael Fassbender, Monica Bellucci and John Malkovich, who have had homes in the city.

MailOnline has contacted Madonna’s representative for comment.  

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