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Inside luxury lifestyle of Nando’s loving drugs trafficker who lavished model girlfriend with gifts

The lavish lifestyle of a drugs kingpin has been laid bare in court documents, exposing his uncontrollable spending on bling, cars and even Nando’s.

Ryan Hill spent $1 million on lavish holidays and $12,660 worth of designer bags for his model girlfriend, as well as a $120,00 racing boat and several flashy cars.

The 26-year-old agreed to forfeit all his dirty money and proceeds from drug trafficking to the Queensland government under proceeds of crime laws.

It exposed his pricey Nando’s habit, frequently spending his ill-gotten gains on spicy Portuguese chicken. 

He also splurged on Louis Vuitton bags for his model girlfriend Soraya Bodman, and well as forking out $50,000 to buy her a car, according to the Courier Mail.

Hill, who smuggled ice, cocaine and ecstasy, flew off to Cancun, Mexico, Japan and Bali, thoroughly enjoy reaping the benefits of his illegal profession. 

He also spent thousands of dollars on watches, online gambling – and buying Ms Bodman products from Instagram star Tammy Hembrow’s website.    

The drug trafficker has also been accused of bullying a witness online, branding him a ‘rat’ with friends saying ‘snitches get stitches’ and ‘don’t dog the boys’.

There is no suggestion that his girlfriend Soraya Bodman knew of, or was involved in the criminal activity. 

When he was arrested by police on January 2 2018, they found $95,000 in cash buried in a PVC pipe in bushland near his father’s home, court documents said.

After monitoring Hill for several days prior to his arrest, they also discovered another $23,000 in cash hidden in various places in his father’s house, mostly vacuum-packed. 

Police allege Hill trafficked drugs hidden in packages from Sydney to Cairns, using the courier company Toll.

Court documents state the drugs were then sold on to buyers in Townsville and Taigum. 

Not only is the syndicate alleged to have operated in Far North Queensland, but also South Australia, NSW and overseas, the Cairns Post reported.

In February, Hill pleaded guilty at the Supreme Court to drug trafficking as part of an organised crime syndicate.

But last month he applied to the court to reverse his plea, stating that the aggravating feature was that he was part of a drug-ring.

He has admitted trafficking in drugs between December 2016 and January 2018. 

Packages were sent to fictitious people, but to addresses owned by Hill’s family, court documents state.

Police allege they found 66 consignments from Sydney that Hill organised between July and December 2017.

His operation was first busted by police in January 2018, when he used his girlfriend’s car to pick up a package from the Toll depot. 

The package contained a cardboard box with 1kg of ice inside, worth $750,000, as well as 2,000 ecstasy tablets, worth $20,000 and 28g of cocaine, worth $5,600. 

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