Inside a strange ‘haven of power,’ a clue to the Templars’ Ark of Covenant has been discovered.


Inside a strange ‘haven of power,’ a clue to the Templars’ Ark of Covenant has been discovered.

THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR continues to pique the interest of specialists, who claim to have discovered a “place of power” used by the order, as well as a possible clue that they were looking for the Ark of Covenant.

Until their unexpected end, the Catholic military order was operating for nearly 200 years. The Templars were among the most skilled fighting corps of the Crusade period and administered massive Christian economic organizations across Europe and the Middle East at their peak between the 12th and 13th centuries. However, their rapid loss of power sparked the creation of legends, which have remained at the center of intense inquiry ever since.

The hermitage of San Bartolome, a 12th-century chapel in Spain’s Rio dos Lobos Canyon erected by the Templars in an unusual location, has been investigated by researchers.

“The Templars were aficionados of knowledge and discipline of antiquity,” architect Carlos Sanchez-Montana told BBC Reel.

“In San Bartolome de Ucero, they were able to accentuate the power of the Rio Lobos canyon through their construction.

“If there is a ‘place of power’ in the [Iberian] peninsula, it is here.

“It is a spot where, throughout history, the Templars, as well as the Romans and Bronze Age men, have had mystical, spiritual, and symbolic experiences that we can now confirm.”

Garcia Atienza, a scholar, determined the location was equidistant “from two extremes on the peninsula” – Cape Creus in Gerona and Cape Finisterre in Galicia – in the 1970s.

”The Templars knew all the secrets of the ancient world,” Mr Sanchez-Montana continued. They translated, managed, and applied them.

“This secret of equidistance is known by the hermitage erected by the Templars.

“In the genuine equidistant point of the Iberian peninsula, San Bartolome de Ucero rises with this architectural artefact that is this hermitage.”

Some think the organization formerly carried the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant, two important biblical artifacts that have never been discovered.

Angel Almazan, a Templar historian, explained how a hint speaks to the Templars’ aspirations at the time.

“The inside capitals are one of the rare curiosities found in the San Bartolome de Ucero,” he stated.

“It’s a figure that looks like a table that’s been divided in half.

“Brinkwire Summary News” says, “It is the schematic approach in which they.”


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