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Inseparable pit bull terrier and ginger tabby cat are best mates and even sleep and play together

PIT bull terrier Bubba has become best mates — with a ­ginger tabby cat.

The rescue pooch befriended Rue when she was adopted by owner Rebecca Pizello as a seven-week-old kitten.

Now the inseparable pair groom each other and play and doze together.

Rue even goes with ten-year-old Bubba when it’s time for his walkies.

Rebecca, 30, of Los Angeles, said: “I feel like the luckiest person alive to be able to witness their cute friendship every day.

“They are the perfect pair and have never had a bad moment.

“I rescued Bubba when he was three-months-old and he was totally obsessed with little animals.

“Rue was seven-weeks-old and thought Bubba was her mum but he loved playing that role.

“I used to put Rue in a baby harness as a kitten so she can come on walks and I once put it on Bubba for a photo opportunity.

“Now she accompanies us on a lead.”

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