Insect terror: A mosquito ‘tornado’ smashes eastern Russia – ‘I didn’t dare open my window.’


Insect terror: A mosquito ‘tornado’ smashes eastern Russia – ‘I didn’t dare open my window.’

MOSQUITOES have generated “tornadoes” in east Russia as millions of them congregate for the mating season.

Hundreds of millions of flying insects were reported swarming across the Kamchatka peninsula.

Mosquito swarms were so dense that people said they couldn’t see where they were driving.

Alexei, from Ust-Kamchatsk, told the Siberian Times, “I drove through a cloud of these insects for many hundred meters.”

“I couldn’t see the road, so it wasn’t a nice experience.

“I was afraid to open my windows.

“Everywhere I looked, there were massive mosquito pillars.

“I could see some of them disintegrating, only to reassemble into a new tornado.”

Mosquito swarms are common in the area, but residents say this year’s are particularly bad.

“These mosquito columns seemed like they were touching the clouds,” Alexei observed.

Experts have reassured the residents by stating that this incidence is not unusual.

According to entomologist Lyudmila Lobkova, the millions of male mosquitos “do not attack humans.”

On the recent occurrence of mosquito “tornadoes” on the Kamchatka peninsula photo, entomologist 0Lyudmila Lobkova from @kronoki reserve informed Kamchatka Inform, “These are male mosquitoes flocking towards one of numerous females in order to mate, there is nothing wrong with this event.”

The female insects are the ones to watch out for.

“These are male mosquitoes flocking around one of several females to mate – nothing wrong with that,” she explained.

This is an annual sighting, and the size of the swarms varies depending on weather and the number of mosquitoes present; however, there appear to be more this year.

“There appear to be a lot more this year than usual,” Alexei observed.

The location is surrounded by tundra and wetlands, providing the perfect environment for the bloodsucking insect.


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