‘Insane Joe!’ exclaims the narrator. Republican fires back at Biden, accusing him of pursuing a “evil” and “sinister” agenda.


‘Insane Joe!’ exclaims the narrator. Republican fires back at Biden, accusing him of pursuing a “evil” and “sinister” agenda.

According to a Republican state representative from Florida, Joe Biden should be impeached for having “the worst domestic agenda in the history of the United States” that threatens to destroy the country “at its heart.”

Anthony Sabatini, who will run for Congress as a “American First” candidate next year, called President Obama’s economic plans “evil” and “crazy,” as well as a “blatant attempt to install socialism in the United States.” Last week, Mr Biden won a major political win when the House of Representatives enacted his $3.5 trillion budget plan, which is being touted as the biggest lift for American families in decades. The blueprint authorizes spending on new social programs such as universal pre-kindergarten for children under the age of five, tuition-free community colleges, child care assistance, Medicaid expansion, and climate change initiatives.

Furthermore, Democrats expect to pass a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure measure in September, which would support roads, bridges, the electricity grid, public transportation, and the internet.

Republicans, including Mr. Sabatini, have been harsh in their criticism of the President’s ambitious domestic initiatives.

“I believe it is wicked, malevolent, terrible, destructive, and insane,” the Florida Republican told this website, “and I believe that if permitted to do so, he would end up destroying our country at its heart.”

“I believe this administration is lawless. On the first day I am in Congress, I believe he should be impeached, and the next Republican Congress should take over in 2022.”

Mr. Sabatini claimed that the Democrats had devolved into a “outright socialist party” hell-bent on establishing socialism in the United States.

“Of course, they want to nationalize healthcare,” he explained.

“However, proposals like the infrastructure bills, which would drown our country in trillions of dollars of debt in order to expand the size and scope of government control, are yet another big step toward the country becoming a communist state.”

Mr. Biden saw the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework as a key step toward “creating good-paying union jobs, confronting the climate catastrophe, and developing the economy sustainably, and equitably for decades to come,” according to a statement on the White House website.

According to an Ipsos poll conducted by Reuters, the majority of Americans support the bill’s proposed amendments.

It also discovered that nearly two-thirds of Americans support raising taxes on “the highest-earning Americans.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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