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Infuriating moment truck driver refuses to tell police his name at Queensland border

A belligerent truck driver has needlessly got himself arrested by refusing to give his name to police at a border checkpoint.

Adam Thurrowgood apparently blasted through the NSW-Queensland border before finally being stopped on the other side.

The tattooed truckie filmed himself interacting with a fed-up policeman and a short segment of the 50-minute video was posted online to mock him.

The cop told him he had failed to provide ID at the border stop, to which the driver insisted he was never asked.

When the policeman told him ‘well I’m asking for you [to] now’, a bizarre exchange followed as the cop got increasingly sick of the driver’s nonsense.

‘You work for the corporation known as the Queensland Police… Am I a man?’ the truckie asked.

‘Well, what do you identify as?’ the policeman responded.

‘No, it’s a yes or no question, am I a man?’

‘It’s 2020, mate. What do you identify as?’

A second snippet of the video jumped to the policeman attempting to drag the driver out of his cabin and place him under arrest.

‘For what crime?’ the driver demanded.

‘You’ve been told 20 times, I’m hanging off the side of a truck,’ the exasperated policeman responded as he wrestled with his arm through the window.

‘Yes, and I have not committed a crime. You’re acting as an armed civilian outside your authority,’ was the truckie’s bizarre response.

Soon after, another policeman identifying himself as a senior constable showed up and coaxed the driver out of his truck.

The first policeman explained that the driver failed to state his full and correct name several times and wouldn’t get out of the truck.

The second cop told him he was being detained for a possible traffic breach, failing to stop at the border, and failing to provide details.

Queensland’s border has been open to the rest of the country since July 17 after months of closure, but anyone entering must sign a border declaration.

The border declaration pass, which can be issued in advance or at the border, states that the traveller has not been to a coronavirus hotspot, and that if they develop symptoms they will report for testing immediately.

Anyone who has been in a hotspot, which includes all of Victoria, in the previous 14 days can’t enter unless they have an exemption.

Truck drivers usually fall under an exemption as essential services, but still have to fill out the border declaration.

The Twitter user who uploaded the snippets from the video said in the longer version the first cop explained how easy the process was.

‘The cop actually says to him, you can get on your phone right now and get a border pass, it only takes a minute,’ he wrote.

What happened to the truck driver afterwards is unclear.

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