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Influencer apologises for promoting Brazilian butt lift after having botched surgery

An influencer has posted an emotional video apologising to her followers for promoting cosmetic surgery after experiencing complications from a Brazilian butt lift.

Renee Donaldson, 24, from Stratford, East London, who has over 138,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, made a plea to young women not to alter their bodies in an emotive clip about her experience of travelling to Turkey for surgery. 

She explained she had experienced complications after returning to Turkey on three different occasions to correct the results of her surgery, saying: ‘My pain is horrible and I can’t walk some days at all. The pain is a throbbing pain, and every time I said to them I was in pain they would tell me it’s normal.’

In the emotional video, Renee said she had had ‘twenty girls’ messaging her about ‘botched’ operations at the clinic, revealing: ‘Please say no to surgery unless it’s life or death. You can achieve what you want by going to the gym… I’m sorry for any harm or any influence I’ve caused to you lot to go and do surgery.’ 

In a video shared earlier this week, Renee said she had cosmetic surgery after seeing girls with the ‘perfect body’ on social media.

She revealed she thought having a procedure to alter her figure would be easier to achieve her desired look than going to the gym.

She explained: ‘I wasn’t happy with my body. I was insecure about my stomach and back rolls and not having that perfect body.

‘I would see girls on social media with the perfect body and I wanted that. I was too lazy to go to the gym, so it was the easy way.’ 

Renee said she became involved with the clinic after they initially asked her to be an ambassador for them, revealing: ‘Based on who I was, they wanted me to help boost their platform.’

She asked the company for a 360 liposuction procedure from her stomach to transfer the necessary fat into her bottom. 

She went on to have a ‘standard BBL and arms’ during her first surgery in Istanbul, but said they botched the operation by removing fat from her lower abdomen  instead of the upper part of her stomach. 

She revealed: ‘I then started to see complications and certain things wasn’t right. I had caught an infection in my left bum cheek.’

Upon returning to the UK, Renee said she was ‘rushed to A&E’, and said she was put on antibiotics and left with a permanent scar on her body from the operation. 

She said three months later, the doctors asked her to come back to Turkey so they could rectify the problem.

However she now believes she wasn’t properly healed at the time and that the company should have warned her about it, saying: ‘As a clinic, it is their responsibility to say, “You are not in a state to have surgery again. You’ve not healed yet”.

‘To my understanding, my bum was healed at that time.’   

After her second BBL had healed, Renee felt she didn’t have the ‘look’ which she had hoped she could achieve.

She felt forced to return to Turkey for the third time however, after the surgery, her thigh was left swollen and painful to touch, saying: ‘I woke up and had bruises all over my leg.’

She now believes fat was injected into her thigh, and will have a fourth surgery in London in several months time in order to correct the issues.

Renee revealed: ‘My pain is horrible and I can’t walk some days at all. The pain is a throbbing pain, and every time I said to them I was in pain they would tell me it’s normal.’

She accused the company of ‘changing’ their behaviour after she complained about her surgery online, and claimed they have now refused to hand over her health documents which she needs for her operation in the UK.

She explained: ‘It’s been four months and I’m still waiting on my documents. They won’t give me it because I made a YouTube video and Instagram post.’ 

Renee went on to share photographs and messages from other women who’ve contacted her with their own experiences in her YouTube video. 

Meanwhile she added: ‘All three surgeries have been a fail. They’ve all been disgusting. Ever since I had surgery, I’ve not been happy.’

The influencer urged others not to have operations from the same company, saying: ‘To anybody that I’ve influenced to get surgery, I want to say I am absolutely so sorry.

‘At the end of the day I didn’t know that this company was so bad and so toxic. I didn’t know that this company only cares about themselves and the money.’

Renee admitted that if she was aware of how the company treats their patients, she wouldn’t have undergone the procedure.

She said: ‘Please young women, and women, around the world, I have been fighting for my health. 

She begged her followers to go to the gym to get the body they want, adding: ‘It might take longer but it’s worth it. 

‘Not everything you see will work for you. Embrace what you have and love yourself.’

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