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Incredible snaps capture moment daredevil performs death-defying stunt in front of full moon

A DAREDEVIL treads a fine line between two giant rocks — and appears to walk on the moon.

Andy Lewis, 33, left, pro climber and slack-liner, performed the death-defying stunt in Moab, Utah.

Snapper Renan Ozturk, 40, spent four months finding the perfect spot for the incredible shots, which he took from 2km away.

He said: “The climbing, slack-lining, rigging techniques, as well as knowledge of the landscape that went into took us all a lifetime to practice.

“We were able to pull off the final ropeless free solo image of Andy walking.

“It’s the ultimate expression of all the arts.

“We scouted for four months, trying to line up the shot since it was so difficult to find the right spot for the line and camera to be over 2km (1.24 miles) away from each other with a big 600mm lens and challenging cliffy desert terrain.”

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