‘Inconsistent, erratic, and ambiguous!’ Quarantine rules enrage vaccinated Brits in France.


‘Inconsistent, erratic, and ambiguous!’ Quarantine rules enrage vaccinated Brits in France.

COVID restrictions are due to be eased on Monday, causing uproar among vaccinated British tourists in France who will be forced to self-isolate when they return to the UK.

From July 19, double-vaccinated UK residents will no longer be needed to quarantine upon arrival from countries on the Amber List. Self-isolating restrictions, however, will continue to apply to those arriving from France, regardless of vaccination status.

The new limits come after reports that ministers are considering putting France on the Department of Transportation’s “red list” due to concerns about “re-seeding” the Beta strain of the coronavirus.

Georgina Thomas, a fully vaccinated nurse from Buckinghamshire, expressed her dissatisfaction with the government’s attitude to PA news agency.

“I’m frustrated with the government’s contradictory approach; it doesn’t appear to be logical,” she remarked.

“If quarantine is required, then be it, but I am convinced that my risk will increase when I return to the UK.

“I hope this doesn’t deter people from getting vaccinated; it’s still critical.”

Ms Thomas, who has been visiting her parents near La Rochelle with her one-year-old daughter, said of quarantining, “It will be a long 10 days but we are the privileged ones, I get that, many will believe we shouldn’t be traveling anyway.”

Fears about the Beta variation have been fueled by the possibility that the strain is more resistant to vaccines.

Ministers agreed to watch the situation in France rather than just adding it to the UK’s red list ahead of Wednesday afternoon’s traffic light change, a senior Government source told The Telegraph.

“They’re concerned about the South African version because they believe it evades the vaccination, but they don’t have proof of that yet,” the insider added.

“It appears to explain why, despite low prevalence rates, several African and Middle Eastern countries are on the red list.”

Graham McLeod, who is on vacation in the Charente Maritime region of France’s Atlantic coast, described the situation as “inconsistent” and “unclear.”

Mr McLeod said, “In terms of government communications, we’d say it’s inconsistent, irregular, imprecise, and frankly unworkable.”

“We are perplexed by the sudden impulse to impose quarantine on returnees from France, and we can’t help but believe it has far more to do with politics than science.”

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