In this wonderful video, a little Labrador swims against an Olympic gold medalist.


In this wonderful video, a little Labrador swims against an Olympic gold medalist.

A DOG that enjoys swimming and racing in the water, just like her Olympic owner, has grabbed the hearts of Instagram users.

Jane, a black Labrador who frequently appears on social media, is owned by Caeleb Dressel, a seven-time US gold winner with over 705,000 followers. Last week, the four-legged pooch showed off her love of the water by competing against an American swimmer in a race.

The pooch is shown lounging at the side of the outdoor pool, perched on a starting block, in a post captioned: “Someone check the time to 25, she’s built to float not for speed.”

Jane jumps in and doggy paddles after Caeleb as he begins to swim backwards holding a red floating toy.

While Caeleb’s wife Meghan shoots the race, the dog manages to keep up with her owner without breaking stride.

Meghan can be heard exclaiming, “This is nuts!” as she cheers for the family pet.

Over 776,000 people have viewed the Instagram photo, which has received over 2,200 comments.

“Still a better start than mine,” said fellow Olympian Bobby Fink, who won two gold medals in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“So you’re not the only Dressel that would smoke me to 25,” joked Australian swimmer Kyle Chalmers, who won silver in the Men’s 100m freestyle at Tokyo 2020.

Caeleb, who specializes in butterfly and freestyle, won two gold medals at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and five gold medals at this year’s Games, including the 100m freestyle versus Kyle.

At the 32nd Summer Olympic Games, Team USA topped the medal table with 39 gold medals, while Team GB finished fourth with 22 gold medals.

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