In this amusing video, a brave labradoodle’saves’ his owner from a windshield wiper ‘attack.’


In this amusing video, a brave labradoodle’saves’ his owner from a windshield wiper ‘attack.’

A BRAVE PERSON The Labradoodle has’saved’ his owners from a vicious attack by their vehicle wipers. When it appeared that the sweeping automobile component may represent a threat to his owner, Jude ‘the dood’ took his responsibility as protection extremely seriously.

And his North Carolina owner recorded the amusing footage and uploaded it to TikTok, where it has received over 243,000 views. Jude heroically leaps from the back seat of the car to the front in order to protect his owner from the wipers in the video. The overlaying text read: “Get yourself a dog who will defend you from windshield wipers,” with the hashtag #adogspurpose, and was posted to the @thismudderfluffer account.

Jude, dressed in a printed bandanna, lunges at the sweeping wipers in an attempt to ‘grab’ them through the glass, pawing at the dashboard in a desperate attempt to keep his owner safe.

Viewers appreciated the puppy’s quick response to the imagined danger and his devotion to his mother.

“Dang Jude, that was quick!” exclaimed one. “Reflexes similar to those of a cat.” “Don’t worry, they [windshield wipers]won’t get you, he’s made damn sure,” another added. A third wrote, “That baby just saved your life.”

In 1988, an Australian breeder introduced Labradoodles, which are a hybrid between a Labrador and a poodle.

They quickly became well-known for their sweet dispositions and compassionate natures, which mix the characteristics of both parents, who both have a strong work ethic.

They’re described as intelligent and friendly dogs who are affectionate with both adults and children and are always up for a game.

Rick Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs, who owns a labradoodle named Reedus, is a fan of the popular breed.

Jude isn’t the only labradoodle who has saved people’s lives.

Digby, a dog from the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, became viral on social media in June after saving a young woman who was contemplating suicide.

The post received 2,500 comments on Facebook, as well as 13,600 shares and 24,300 likes, praising Digby’s incredible job. On Twitter, it was retweeted over 3,100 times and had nearly 12,000 likes.


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