In their royal destinies, George, Charlotte, and Louis face a “hugely daunting” challenge.


In their royal destinies, George, Charlotte, and Louis face a “hugely daunting” challenge.

PRINCE As the Royal Family attempts to adapt to the era of social media, George and his two younger siblings will face a “very huge test” when they become teenagers.

As they grow up as the “first royal adolescents” to deal with social media, the Royal Family’s youngest members face a critical dilemma. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, all eight years old, will be teenagers during a time when “everyone is a photographer,” raising doubt on their capacity to act like other young people.

“I think it’s incredibly tough for the royals in the age of social media, and I think it’s going to be a really major test when the next generation of young royals, George and Charlotte and Louis, for example, reach adolescents,” royal analyst Victoria Murphy told MailPlus.

“They will be the first royal youths to go out and socialize effectively in an age when everyone can take a picture and broadcast it.”

“William and Harry had to deal with paparazzi and mainstream media attention while they were outside, but they didn’t have that when they were inside events and institutions, for example.”

“They’ll probably want to go to nightclubs and do all the regular things that young people do, and I believe that’ll be difficult since everyone is suddenly a photographer,” says the author.

While elder members of the Royal Family have had to deal with a great deal of media attention, Prince William and Kate’s three children are likely to be the first to be affected by social media platforms.

Lady Louise Windsor, 17, and James Viscount Severn, 13, Prince Edward’s two children, are still in secondary school, although neither has access to social media.

When Prince William and Prince Harry were at Eton, Buckingham Palace and the British press reached an arrangement to ensure his privacy during his adolescent years.

During his tenure at St Andrews, he was accompanied by multiple security guards and went by the alias Steve.

However, in recent months, Prince Harry has chastised his father, Prince Charles, for failing to do more to safeguard his two kids from press scrutiny.

So far, Prince William and Kate have kept their three children’s lives as normal as possible, and they are not photographed on a regular basis. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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