In the wake of new Covid wave fears, Drakeford delivers a harsh warning about “unavoidable” risks. ‘Remain at home!’


In the wake of new Covid wave fears, Drakeford delivers a harsh warning about “unavoidable” risks. ‘Remain at home!’

MARK DRAKEFORD has warned that if people take undue risks during the summer, there will be another surge in coronavirus cases in Wales.

Wales’ First Minister, Mark Drakeford, urged individuals to spend their vacations in the country rather than overseas this year. On Thursday, he claimed on the Today Programme that Wales is at risk of the coronavirus being smuggled back into the nation. He also warned that if there are too many individuals traveling overseas for vacations, coronavirus strains could be imported into the country.

He emphasized that Wales experienced a similar problem in September, when Welsh citizens returned with coronavirus, causing an increase in cases across the country.

“Our recommendation to individuals in Wales hasn’t changed; this is the year to spend your vacation at home,” he said.

“Visiting other countries, even those on the amber list, can put you and others at danger.

“There will be a risk of the virus being reintroduced into Wales, as well as the risk of other varieties from other parts of the world making their way back to the UK.

“Unless you have a compelling cause to travel overseas, surely this year is the year to appreciate everything Wales has to offer,” we’ve told Welsh people all year.

The logistics of this advise were subsequently questioned by radio personality Nick Robinson, who pointed out that some countries have lower covid levels.

“You mention the risk of bringing the virus back into this country,” he explained, “but quite a few nations on the amber list have less Covid cases than we do here in the UK.”

Mr Drakeford responded, “Yes, but when people are on vacation, they will behave like people on vacation.”

“They’ll be interacting with more individuals and doing tasks that put them into contact with one another.”

Mr Drakeford then went on to talk about the challenges that Wales had in September when people returned from vacation.

“We had significant challenges here in Wales in September last year due to the reimportation of the virus,” he stated.

“We had a lot of individuals travel on vacation to different areas of the world, and when they returned to Wales, they were already sick.

“This resulted in a new wave of illnesses in Wales.

“That is something we can avoid; it is a risk we don’t need to take.

“That is why we have been advising.”


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