In the wake of fears that ‘China has overtaken us,’ James Dyson lays forth a plan to rebuild Britain after Brexit.


In the wake of fears that ‘China has overtaken us,’ James Dyson lays forth a plan to rebuild Britain after Brexit.

JAMES Dyson has warned that “China has surpassed us” as he outlined a strategy for Britain to fight back after the Brexit vote.

The British inventor has outlined his plan to safeguard British invention and combat present cultural norms that threaten to suffocate it. Mr Dyson is concerned that Asian economies may supplant the UK as design and quality centers. He mentioned that engineers make up 40% of Singapore’s grads.

He claims that this is not the situation in the United Kingdom, where the figure is 4%.

“If you visit a British institution, you see 400 people graduating out in media studies and barely 30 engineers,” Mr Dyson said, according to the Sunday Times.

“I’m afraid China, Korea, and other countries will overtake us, if they haven’t already,” he warned.

“Even Mexico and the Philippines produce more engineers than we do.

“Technology is considerably more difficult to build now, and it is lot more complicated.

“We were a group of mechanical engineers when I first started.

“We now have more than half of our engineers who are software or electronics experts.

“There are also experts in fluid dynamics and battery technology, as well as other scientists.

“We’re going to get poorer and poorer if we don’t produce those people.”

The British inventor then went on to explain how Britain could reclaim its position as a world leader in these fields.

“I believe that as a country becomes prosperous, it tends to forget what made it prosperous in the first place, namely developing technology, manufacturing, exporting, and creating wealth,” he remarked.

“It prefers cerebral tasks almost exclusively, with the exception of the work of creating and developing technology and actually making things in a factory, which I enjoy doing.

“I find it thrilling and romantic, but no one else does,” she says.

“At gatherings, people have asked, ‘What do you do?’ I explain that I’m an engineer who creates stuff.

“They get up and leave.

“It’s disheartening.”


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