In the wake of Europe’s gas price hike, the EU has warned Putin that he has been handed a “huge amount of control over economies.”


In the wake of Europe’s gas price hike, the EU has warned Putin that he has been handed a “huge amount of control over economies.”

A political pundit has warned that Europe’s energy problem has given Vladimir Putin a “huge amount of power” over EU businesses.

According to political commentator Nico Hines, Russian President Vladimir Putin wields a “huge amount of control” over European economies. The present energy crisis has revealed Europe’s over-dependence on Russian gas supply, according to The Daily Beast’s World Editor, who spoke to France 24’s The World This Week. He claimed that once the NordStream2 project is operational, Europe’s dependency on the Kremlin for natural gas will only increase.

“In Europe, we have gotten ourselves into this position where nearly the entire continent is depending on Russia’s gas supply,” Mr Hines told France24.

“Until now, the Russians have been pretty diligent about ensuring that at least northwest Europe, and us, the large investors, got a decent, clean supply of gas from them, and that supply has never been disrupted in the years that we have relied on them.”

“However, if you look at what they’ve done to countries who are in competition or conflict with them, such as Ukraine or the Baltic states, supply is abruptly halted or cut back to those nations for either an explicit reason or a clandestine reason that we’re not told about.”

“Those countries are being crippled to such an extent, and we have handed the Kremin so wide control over our entire economies.”

“If they wanted to shut off Europe’s gas supply, it would have an enormous and disastrous effect,” he continued.

“You look at an issue where a couple truckers have gone missing, and the streets are in disarray.”

“Imagine what would happen if the Russians made a determined effort to sabotage our gas supplies.”

Putin “has Europe and its gas suppliers by the short and curlies,” political journalist Trevor Kavanagh warned earlier this week.

Mr Kavanagh told TalkRADIO that despite a 10% increase in gas prices, Russia had retained a tight hold on supplies.

He claimed that as Europe approaches winter, the present gas supply situation could worsen, adding, “It’s probable Vladimir Putin, who is going to keep squeezing.”

“I believe this is just the beginning,” Mr Kavanagh told TalkRADIO.

“We haven’t seen anything yet,” says the narrator.

“Oil prices are rising, which is beneficial for him.” Gas prices are also rising.

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