In the midst of the energy crisis, a heartbroken couple slams Warm Home Discount, saying, “Not an iota of difference!”


‘Not an iota of difference!’ a bereft couple slams Warm Home Discount in the midst of the energy crisis.

A HEARTBROKEN couple told Sky News that the government’s Warm Home Discount will not make an “iota of difference” in the coming months because they are afraid of becoming cold.

Gary and Natasha Waterhouse, husband and wife, said they were worried and “stressed” about the prospect of their energy bills rising by 60% in the spring, claiming that the government’s £140 Warm Home discount will not be enough to cover their needs.

Ms Waterhouse told Sky News that she requires the warmth for her legs in order to deal with a debilitating condition that she compares to “serious arthritis.”

She talked about how her legs “lock up” when it’s cold, and how she’s worried about the soaring energy bills she’ll be facing in the coming months.

“I need the heat,” Ms Waterhouse explained, “and choosing between heat and food is very difficult!”

The couple was then asked if the £140-per-year Warm Home Allowance helps them stay warm, and if a potential £10 increase would make a difference.

“None at all,” Mr Waterhouse, who looks after his wife, replied.

As he tore into the Government initiative, he slammed the payout as “totally insignificant unfortunately.”

While “every little bit helps,” he admitted that the payment, which effectively acts as a discount on energy bills, “isn’t going to make any difference to us.”

The irritated homeowner went so far as to say that the assistance would “not make one iota of difference.”

Mr Waterhouse was then asked how he feels about the possibility of bills rising by 60% from spring.

He admitted that the price hike “makes me anxious” in a heartbreaking confession.

“It’s stressful,” he continued, “because you never know which way you’re going to turn.”

Wife Natasha went on to urge the government to “help vulnerable people out there,” citing concerns that millions of people will go without food in the coming months.

The Warm Home Discount is a one-time £140 payment to your energy provider in exchange for a discount on your electricity or gas bill from October 2021 to March 2022.

Winter Fuel Payments are paid to British citizens born on or before September 26, 1955, to assist them in paying their heating bills. Those who qualify can receive between £100 and £300 to help keep them warm.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, has also promised a £500 million contribution from local government, which he claims will help.

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