In the midst of increasing US-China tensions, Japan has issued a dire warning of imminent Taiwan “crisis.”


In the midst of increasing US-China tensions, Japan has issued a dire warning of imminent Taiwan “crisis.”

Growing military tensions near Taiwan, as well as heightened economic and technological rivalry between the US and China, have prompted Japan to warn that peace and stability in East Asia could be jeopardized.

The warning was included in the yearly defense white paper, which addressed the subject of stability around Taiwan for the first time. Growing military tensions between Beijing and Washington were highlighted in the report. “China has increased military activity surrounding Taiwan, including Chinese aircraft entering Taiwan’s southwestern airspace,” the report stated.

“In the meantime, the US has exhibited a clear posture of military support for Taiwan, including transits by US vessels across the Taiwan Strait and armament sales.”

According to the research, regional instability would pose a major threat to Japan’s and the international community’s security.

“As a result, it is more important than ever before that we pay close attention to the situation with a sense of crisis,” it continued.

China has increased its military activities in the vicinity of Taiwan in order to assert its control over the islands.

Chinese fighters have repeatedly breached Taiwan’s air defense identification zone in recent months (ADIZ).

Beijing claims full sovereignty over Taiwan and has made no secret of its willingness to reclaim it by force.

President Xi Jinping underlined that goal in a speech commemorating the Chinese Communist Party’s 100th anniversary, pledging to smash any attempts at independence on the island.

“No one should underestimate the Chinese people’s great determination, firm will, and strong capabilities to preserve national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he warned his audience.

As tensions over Taiwan have risen, Japan has been more involved in the matter.

Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso enraged China earlier this month when he urged that Japan and the US band up to defend Taiwan from any invasion.

The comments enraged Beijing, which warned Tokyo that they had “harmed the political underpinning of China-Japan relations.”

Later, Mr. Aso corrected his statements, adding that any disagreement over Taiwan should be handled through dialogue.


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